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Privacy in a coffee shop

So I have to post you about two things -- the outcry regarding FB privacy abuses, and the state's political response in response to that outcry.


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Trump revokes Washington Post's campaign press credentials

So I have to post you. I’m no Trump supporter but I did happen to hit the WP yesterday when the headline “Donald Trump suggests President Obama was involved with Orlando shooting” was live.


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Handy Space Monitoring on ZFSSA

This is a re-post from my blog at http://blogs.oracle.com/storageops/entry/handy_space_monitoring

Semi-real-time space monitoring is pretty straightforward with
ECMAScript & XMLRPC.  I've never really been a fan of using used
+ avail as a metric; it's simply too imprecise for this kind of
work.  With XMLRPC, you can gauge costs down to the byte, and with
Javascript/ECMAScript you have some easy date handling for your

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Stuff Blog: Day 1

So I decided to create a "Stuff Blog" to document my adventure trying to sell down all the stuff in my life. Most of it I don't need, and I want to get rid of as much as is practical.

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"The Flaw"

Just watched "The Flaw". It's an entertaining and surprisingly unbiased documentary covering the myriad causes of the 2008 financial disaster from which the world is still recovering.

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My thoughts on the Apple Watch keynote

Watched the keynote today. Am I going to get an iWatch? No. Here's why:

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2015 Mock Sprint Tri Results

I had some issues with my Garmin 910xt, but eventually I fixed the mock tri file. Woot! Next time, I'll disable all auto lap functionality before starting the tri, because apparently that's what interferes with the run data & corrupts the file.

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ZFS Tricks: Scheduling Scrubs

Content mirrored at https://blogs.oracle.com/storageops/entry/zfs_trick_scheduled_scrubs

A frequently-asked-question on ZFS Appliance-related mailing lists is "How often should I scrub my disk pools?"  The answer to this is often quite challenging, because it really depends on you and your data.

Usually when asked a question I want to provide the answers to the questions they should have asked first, so that I'm certain our shared conversational contexts match up. So here's some background questions that we should have answers to before answering the "How often" question.

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ZFS: Doing It Right

ZFS: Doing It Right

Imagine you're a system administrator, and an email arrives from your boss. It goes something like this:

"Hey, bud, we need some new storage for Project Qux.  We heard that this [insert major company here] uses a product called the Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance as the back-end for their [insert really popular app here]. We want to do something like that at similar scale; can you evaluate how well that compares to XYZ storage we already own?"

So you get in touch with your friendly local ZFS sales dudette, who arranges a meeting that includes a Sales Engineer to talk about technical stuff related to your application. The appliance, however, has an absolutely dizzying array of options.  Where do you start?

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