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Privacy in a coffee shop

So I have to post you about two things -- the outcry regarding FB privacy abuses, and the state's political response in response to that outcry.

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Trump revokes Washington Post's campaign press credentials

So I have to post you. I’m no Trump supporter but I did happen to hit the WP yesterday when the headline “Donald Trump suggests President Obama was involved with Orlando shooting” was live.

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Solution for blocking telemarketers

I'm wondering about solutions available to block incoming telemarketer calls, particularly technology solutions.

I am currently a Comcast residential subscriber (phone/internet/cable) receiving at least two inbound calls a day from telemarketers.

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Gas Saving Tips

In years past we've kicked off summer by scribing our armchair methods for saving gas. Now that 100% of us remaining Barnsonites are child-rearing, Republican-fearing, SUV-wheeling road warriors, please allow me to inaugurate the 2011 summer season with a friendly list of ways to save on gas.

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Gay Suicide vs. Suicide

Look, I don't want to be the a*s*ole here, but I just wanted to review the facts and make sure I understand what I believe to be a misconstrued misplacement of national attention.

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Giving Access without Giving Access

Friends of the netherweb,

I'm looking for tried-and-true processes for enabling a new potential tech vendor access to my website without providing access at the web server level.

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The Solution to Health Care

In case anybody is interested, I have the solution to the health care problem. It's not a new solution. I've touted my idea before on the site. But here it is again, in a more succinct delivery, for anyone willing to put the solution in action.

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GV User Posting

Last week I started using Google Voice. Way cool. I'm having some early successes with the ease of the interface and the smoothness of releasing a single 10-digit sequence to reach me. All the phones are ringing and I'm starting to group incoming calls.

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10th Anniversary of Leaving DC - Mad Props to Weed

This marks the 10th anniversary of my leaving DC. 10 years ago I moved from the DC area to Nashville, TN to start grad school. Except I didn't make the trek alone.

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I contracted a virus - HELP!

Help!!! I contracted a virus on my PC. Here's how I know. A couple days ago I thought Microsoft's website was down. Then my co-worker told me he received a file from me via physical thumb drive in which his virus protection software alerted that w32/conflicker.worm!nf virus was found on the flashdrive.

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