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Decision - eBook Reader Digital Things

The time has come when we all must accept that it's not worth it to sit on the sidelines anymore, and enter the fray of digital ebook readers and join the future of literary passage.

The choice: Amazon's Kindle vs. Sony Reader Digital Book.

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How To Fix The United States

The U.S. is left with a disaster scenario thanks to Presidemented Bush. His work destabilized our nation and imperiled long-term safety and prosperity. Meanwhile, I'm so fed up with the Obama administration already. For his entire campaign we heard “change". This guy hasn't brought any change. He's brought "tinkering". His slogan should have been "tinkering we can believe in".

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Already Problems with Obama

President-elect Obama has chosen a HUD secretary. President-elect Obama said HUD is essential in the effort to stem the mortgage crisis, which "not only shakes the foundation of our economy, but the foundation of the American Dream."

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Separate Ways

A couple nights ago I gigged a hospital corporate party with an enclave of pro musicians from around town. The organizer of the gig is a good friend of mine who is probably the best front man I've ever played with in my life. We had a bunch of tunes on the set list that featured some screeching rock classics; Separate Ways, Rock & Roll, Synchronicity II, among others.

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Online Misrepresentation

The combination of 'online' and 'misrepresentation' hasn't reached standard household, or geek-hold, term status. But it might soon. Real soon.

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Please Help Me Kill 'My Pictures'

One of the really annoying things that happens is the constant revival of 'My Pictures'. This thing will not die. No matter how many times I manually delete this folder continues to return. Help on putting this thing in the grave once and for all?

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Online Divorce

I believe Ben once wrote a song called 'Computer Love'.

People are stupid.

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Creating An Exact DVD Duplicate

Now that the election has passed, let's get back to the important stuff, namely, helping Sammy G with his tech needs.

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Anyone remember the WAR IN IRAQ?

I will always remember from Orwell's 1984 the point about the massive propaganda machine put into motion by the state, and how as soon as a new story broke, the entire machine was made to forget the past.

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Perhaps I Am The Social Luddite

Over the past 5 years I've witnessed the rise of social and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Myspace. I've also had many friends create and run their own blogs under their names. I've get email invitations asking to join these types of social sites and blogs almost daily.

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