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Your Country in 45 Seconds

Those of you watching the Democratic pre-Primary debates have no doubt been amused by the moderator's now-familiar refrain: "Can you sum up your entire campaign in 45 seconds?"

What I find interesting is that the whole prospect of effective campaigning rests on the candidate's ability to distill an entire platform down to a snappy bromide. And then deliver it on television.

Right? I mean, all we hear from both the media and congressional pundits is the banal obvious: the party's breakthrough nominee will be the one that figures out how to provide a breakthrough message. So from the 11,346 pool of Democratic Presidential candidates (so angry at the Democratic National Office for the size of the letting the field of hopefuls get this big), one of them needs to have a snappy elevator pitch. It's ridiculous. But understandable given that television is the primary media for reaching and coercing voters. You would think that the candidates and their campagn teams would recognize the need to concoct a memorable phrase and consistently use it, time and time again. Because everyone knows the majority of the American voting public doesn't actually read up on the candidates and the issues. The voters want action-adventure politics served up in a miniaturized matinee.

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Wind Chill Schmind Chill

As I'm fond of stating, there are two seasons here in Minnesota: Winter and August 14th.

What I find interesting is that there's an actual debate raging (yes, I say, raging) amongst the academics and weather experts among the proper way to measure the wind chill. Apparently, the old way to measure the wind chill was to fly some hybrid anemometer/thermometer contraption at 20 feet above ground level. So, for example, on a day like today, when the air temperature was a balmly 3 degrees, the winds careening in from Canada at 25MPH (FYI -- Canada is responsible for more than just polluting our beef industry) made the wind chill at -15 at 20 feet about the ground. However, the pundits opposed to the 20 feet level, think that the reading should come at ground level, which would lessen the impact of the wind and cause the wind chill to read at something like only -5 degrees.

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Powerpoint Bad

Apparently, Matt is not the only person who feels .ppt is a terrible presentation package.

I've never had reason to gripe, but that's only because my background in business management is about crunching complicated concepts and arguments into concise points. Everyone always tells us, "Make it simple for them to understand...Pretend that we're five years old."

If you're five years old, what are you doing in a VP's chair?

Excited to see what Apple has put on the market.

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Got an idea

So, over the past 24 hours, an idea has been brewing in my head for a type of new musical product that we can collaborate on in developing. This idea is based on recent ongoings and changes in the music industry, consumer habits, and my experiences at Best Buy.

My concept is for a new type of musical audio product that functions as a cross between prerecorded album, old-time radio, and soap opera.

In my opinion, the reason that album sales have been falling isn't just due to file sharing. It's due to a couple other reasons as well , including 1) Lack of good product and 2) A shift in consumer dollar spend to other cost-like software entertainment products (DVD, games). File sharing does make an impact because the music industry's primary sales target has always been 18-34, and those are the techies who are now burning and sharing, of course. However, if you've got $20 are you going to window shop it on an album or on a movie? Right. So here comes the new idea.

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The cost of web hosting

Is the cost for web hosting low or what?

I'm preparing to switch web host providers and astounded at the low cost of hosting. When I joined the Board of an organization last summer I noticed that they were spending $100 a month for web hosting. If you look at today's market rates, $100 is about 5 times more than we should be paying.

Such offers from and make it so that you can have a website up an running for under $150 a year (n/i domain registration, of course). How have prices fallen so far for bundled host services? My guess is that as processing power increases while the cost of technology decreases, it's easier to cram multiple domains on one web server without losing reponse and service time.

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There Is Such Thing As Free Lunch

People never cease to amaze me when it comes to the opportunity for receiving free food.

For those of you lucky enough not to live in the Upper Midwest, let me bring you up to speed on the Minneapolis "situation". I walked into the local sub joint a couple weeks ago. As standard with most walk-in retail food operators, a fishbowl is perched near the checkout register, asking people to drop in their business card for a chance to win a free six inch sub.

Retail value of six inch sub: less than $5.00.

I noticed that next to the free-sub fishbowl, was yet another fishbowl. This second fishbowl had been placed there by another business looking to drum up sales leads. This second fishbowl, placed by the largest Minneapolis athletic club had an pretty cool offer. Somebody's card would be chosen at random at that winner would receive a free year's membership at the gym.

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