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What The Writer Strike Is All About

Folks, things are a little busy here at work today, but I wanted to at least explain what the current writer strike is all about. A primary concern of the writers' guild is that contracts don't account for royalties earned from episode programming reaped via digital channels. The legacy guild contracts were constructed on airwave and cable package programming through traditional TV sets. Do we really think that people will be paying to download episodes in the future, as the media propositions as an either/or outcome? Or are there other types of digital programming the writers are worried about?

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Groove 2007

Anybody using this any have any thoughts to share? Just really started playing around with it this weekend.

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My plan for national Health Insurance

If I was running for President in 2008, I would campaign that every U.S. citizen gets health insurance coverage through either their employer or through the government. Every single person has access to health coverage.

Unless you smoke. Then you don't get health insurance. If you use illegal drugs, you don't get health insurance. If you drink and drive, you don't get health insurance. If you smoke, do drugs, etc. and have dependents, no one in the household gets insurance.

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Genesis 2007 Reunion Tour, Part II

With apologies for creating a second, superfluous thread, but creating a new blog entry is the only way on to attach a pic.

No sooner did I post original mention of the reunion tour than I began working on scoring tickets. At first, I was set on seeing a show in Europe but then decided to stay domestic once Genesis' U.S. schedule was released. My flexibility in selection was benefited by a single separation step between myself and the drummer, Chester Thompson.

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Needed: Keyboard shortcut for Paste -> Unformatted Text

Can someone hook a brother up? I need a keyboard shortcut for paste->unformatted text.

I spend a minimum of 20 times a day clicking through the draw-down options to paste unformatted text. I hate how MS Office pastes retain the original formatting.


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Which blogs do you visit on a daily basis?

Six months ago I reorganized my bookmarks to give positional and priority preference to blogs. Similar to how I made a concerted effort to organize and coordinate my podcast list, I realized it was necessary to manage my bookmarks so that 'blogs' had its own menu folder. In this menu folder, I tried to keep sites that were truly what I consider blogs. That is, sites updated with at least tri-weekly frequency written and monitored by an individual, or a cooperative of individuals. By having an organized menu folder, I can use the 'open all in tabs' command so the sites spread out across the browser window in full spread.

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Bears in Alaska

Do you guys have an estate plan set up in the event both you and your spouse were simultaneously fatalized? From something like a plane crash? Or car accident? Or, perhaps, coming across a bear in the woods?

Let's play an imaginary game we'll call: You're Walking Along A Trail In Alaska When You Come Across A Bear. Pretend you're standing in the middle of a hiking trail in the woods. A pretty blue sky and white glaciers melt around you. The sounds of the wind in the pine trees and the burbling of a meltwater creek mix sweetly nearby. You are happily trekking along, making the proper amount of noise with Wife Unit, in the half-joking spirit of warning bears of your presence. You don't really think you'll meet up with a bear, but there's been enough fearmongering delivered aboard the cruise ship that you're not taking any chances. Just then, in the midst of your assured state of we-may-be-puny-humans-but-we-have-guns confidence, a bear happens to emerge from the woods and cross your path.

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Twilight Zone - Radio Dramas

Found this site today. Way cool.

Before the revival of the Twilight Zone by CBS during 1985 I became hooked on the original series. No, not the television series, but the original writings by the original authors, including Serling, Charles Beaumont, and Richard Matheson. The scripts and shorts were at the library in compendium form. Before the days of 4,006 cable channels, you only got to see the 1959-1964 televised versions in rare moments.

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Snow In April

I've seen it snow in October. I've seen it snow in November. I've even seen snow through the winter into March. But until this morning, I've never seen it snow in April.


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Remote Access

Does anyone have any advice about remote access software?

Thinking it beneficial to access my office desktop from home, I was ready to sign up for a web-based remote access solution. That is, until I saw Go2MyPC wanted $240 a year. Yikes! I came across I'm InTouch which looks good at $100.

Basically, I'm hoping someone with experience can offer advice.

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