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A Passing Of Friends: Korg T1, Sun, TOA



...we gather here to commemorate the passing of friends. Stalwart friends. Friends who have become more to us than simply music gear. These represent the finest of gigs and the finest of memories. And now they are leaving us to pass on to finer pastures.

Please set your yester-year recall machine to 1990, when Billy Joel showcased the release of the Korg T1 by featuring this magnificent keyboard on his Stormfront tour. The keyboard really took the musical industry forward by combining the best of sample sounds and programming in what was dubbed a 'musical workstation.' Oh, it was a beauty. And I, a young high school junior, was first mesmerized when Ben and I went to see the tour at the Caps Center and sat close enough to see Billy Joel play 'Pressure' on the T1 no more than 50 feet away from our seats.

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Why I Might Drive E85

I don't drive E85 yet, but I likely will come May 2007. I want to start driving a car that runs on domestic, renewable fuel without compromising current levels of performance or convenience. The E85 looks like the best option available.

Most people would instinctively trumpet the electric hybrid as an option for achieving my goal. Right now I don't believe hybrids are the best option, and I’m not sure hybrids will be a permanent part of the automotive future. First, electric hybrids still run on imported oil. Regardless of the amount of 'barrels' saved per year, it’s still oil brought in from other countries. Second, in a move I will characterize as massive, the EPA recently switched its fuel economy tests to 'to better represent current driving styles and conditions':

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Clean Up The Registry

In an effort to clean up my registry, yesterday I bought, installed and ran Ace Optimizer Utilities from Acelogix for my office Compaq Presario desktop purchased back in the spring of 2004.

Registry files cleaned: 1,147.

Though a sophisticated user of consumer technology, I've always been wary of manually cleaning up my registry for fear of permanently damaging the box. Sure, I could back up my data and certainly restore or, worst case, buy a new disposable Wintel computer if I committed unrecoverable damage. But the disruption time and cost are not desirable. So I issue patience during lengthy boots, double-clicks, and even during hiccups at every right-click for menu draw-down, all the while contemplating the drawbacks of going in and taking on the registry myself.

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Gadget Wish List

I appreciate all the calls over the past weekend asking what I want for the Holiday season. Just to make it easier for all my friends, I've decided to throw up my gadget wish list here. :)

Anyone have any kudos or warnings about the list? Or the fact that I'm too dumb to figure out how the html list code works (Matt's help appreciated for formatting purposes)?

**Sprint Treo 700wx, 700p -- need my NHL Mobile and my live video feed

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Adult Panda Movies

I am thankful for the opportunity to comment before "The Daily Show" writing team discovers this and turns it into the top story for the next year.