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Learn 'em how to shoot

Let's take them juniors out back and show 'em how to use this thing right proper.


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Newspaper: News on Paper

Newspaper: News on Paper

I have an idea on how I would run a major newspaper.

Earlier this year, McClatchy bought Knight Ridder in a move that rattled the newspaper industry. The acquisition was called upon as an anathema by many stock analysts who continued to depress the industry outlook by acknowledging a shrinking circulation, especially by readers under the age of 30. The bears besmirched the bulls by bickering that the up-and-comings are copasetic getting their news on the internet or their PDAs instead of print.

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Stop Misusing The Word “Independent”

Sammy G has a major pet peeve, one that almost rivals the haute couture restricting me from wearing brown sandals with a black belt. This pet peeve is hearing those in the media industry misuse the term “independent.” I don’t think people recognize the true meaning of the term and the harmful implications of throwing that term around.

I haven’t felt the need to spout off like a discordant term-snob until The Rampant Coyote specifically featured the use of “indie” on his game development blog:

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World Cup 2006

The World Cup is underway. I am way excited. I took off the afternoon to watch one of the opening day games. I have been following the U.S. men's national team for the past two years. I watched almost all of their World Cup qualifying matches. I have cable so that I can watch US players work for their English Premiership and Bundesliga club teams. I have been counting down the months until the tournament starts. I've been flocking to the US soccer website for daily updates on the team.

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Phones Are Not Computers

This article captured my problems with all those fancy advances in cell phone technology:

Actually, it's really not the advances in technology that cause me problems. It's the marketing losers who figure that the application of the technology needs to be packaged to consumers in the form of a cell phone with a built-in camera, internet interface, chat mechanisms, mp3 player and keyboard. Memo to cell phone marketers: the phone is not a personal computer, so stop trying to replicate how people use computers on a cell phone.

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Media Bias

I should have put this entry under Matt’s ‘Pet Peeve’ thread, but figured this subject deserved a separate and distinct home.

Over the past year, I have seen many front-page newspaper stories characterizing the actions of particular political representatives and political groups as “quiet.

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Eminent Domain

Today, the MN House passed a bill that makes it more difficult for government entities to acquire private property by strictly defining the situations in which eminent domain powers may be used. Although a bipartisan majority supported the bill, those who expressed concern that the bill goes too far were House reps from urban areas. The feeling is that it's going to be hard for local governments to prove that a property is blighted and that cleaning up urban neighborhoods with environmental or crime problems will be virtually impossible.

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Disposing of old Tech Gear

Today, I heard an NPR report on a company that wants to help the environment by having you pay them for a convenient way to dispose of all your old or outdated electronic devices, including cell phones, computers, TVs, printers and cartridges. I figured that by getting air time on Future Tense, that GreenDisk must have a solid offering. After checking out their site, I thought their offering was not enough.

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CD-R Help Please!


I have a problem with audio CD-Rs not getting played back on certain devices. This is a problem because for the first time I had a customer call and complain that they can't get my CDs to play.

I'm burning audio CD-Rs from a external Mad Dog 7x1 using Nero Express on XP. Once the customer complaint came in I took a CD and played it back without problems on an office boombox, office computer, car stereo, home computer...and then it wouldn't read on my home CD player. Yikes!!!

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Patent Extortion

In business, there are players with talent and there are those without talent who compensate for their lack of talent by gaming a system. In this case, it happens to be the U.S. patent system, a system which is broken.

Research In Motion, the Canadian maker of BlackBerry, settled last Friday its five-year patent dispute with a one-man Virginia firm NTP, averting a possible court-ordered shutdown of the BlackBerry system via a $612.5M payout. NTP was co-founded in 1990 by an engineer who claimed to create a system that sent e-mails between computers and wireless devices. According to NTP, RIM stole their idea. Throughout the dispute, NTP tried to play up the David vs. Goliath message in the media, because NTP was an office of two people.

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