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Where Daniel Came From

I have to post this blog, because the story needs to be recorded where others will see it, in the hopes that they might reference the story as a clear manifestation of spiritual involvement. Like fate. Or Nabu, the Assyrian god of knowledge and destiny.

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My Fantasy Football Draft

I'm sure we can all agree that the most important times in one's life are those in which a fantasy football roster is selected. If you can't agree with this, then you are a lemming and should recuse yourself from further participation on this blog. Because it is obvious that spending many hours sitting around a table with a bunch of other guys and selecting a bunch of unknown players, tournament style, based on a bunch of ranking articles from arcane magazines, is far more important than mailing out invitations to my wedding, especially considering that there are sixteen weekends in the fantasy football season and only one weekend for my wedding.

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Cancer Count

Can anyone help me find out the current percentage of the U.S. population that has cancer?

I couldn't find the answer. Would be much appreciated to anyone that can.

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Another Reason Why I Don't Buy Macs

Because I'm in the professional creative industry, I get a lot of flak from Mac users who cajole me for basing my operation on a Wintel platform.

For those who work in publishing, design or media production fields, it's sort of expected that you own a Mac. Macs are a symbol of creativity. An apple icon emblazoned on a business card shows to others just how true to creative you are. I actually have to make an extra effort to tell all the designers with whom I work that I'm on a Windows system. They're embarrassed to know me.

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I Wouldn't Mind House Arrest

If I was convincted of taking part in a criminal conspiracy that defrauded millions I probably wouldn't mind receiving house arrest as a punishment.

Lately, it seems that the lot of white-collar criminals are receiving house arrest as a form of punishment. This is a punishment in which a criminal is told that they must stay inside their house for months at a time and eat junk food and talk on the phone with their friends and sleep until noon and watch lots of movies on their enormous home entertainment system which is likely to be the envy of the modern world seeing that these criminals are millionaires who can also afford to shop online and have fancy decor delivered to their house whenever they feel like it. In fact, I'm thinking about starting an online shopping hub that specifically caters to rich criminals on house arrest.

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Mozilla Goes Corporate

As of August 3rd, Mozilla went all corporate on us. I didn't read the whole page, but it seemed like the Q&A portion was meant to calm nerves by seeing the word "corporation" next to Mozilla.

I visited some of the executive blogs and got more of the same calming approach. My sense is that if they're nearing 10% U.S. desktop share that they want to start seeing some duckets in the treasury.

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Recording Streams

How does one go about recording .ram or .wam streams onto one's hard drive?

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On This 4th of July

On this 4th of July, while the flags are waving, I'm going to mull over this question:

Would $86 Billion have cured cancer?

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Not Signing Credit Receipts

What's up with not having to sign any more credit card receipts at retail food counters? Am I the only one that's noticed this recent change?

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Supreme Court Ruling

In case you haven't heard or read, the Supreme Court this week ruled that firms like Grokster are criminally liable for providing software for downloading and sharing copyrighted media, like music.

Every report I've read, from the Wall Street Journal to the Washington Post, called it a landmark decision. Each report also was skeptical as to whether the decision would hamper further illicit online infringing.

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