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Get My Voice Back

Need some advice from my fellow Barnsonians (particularly those with advanced vocal degrees from famous music performance colleges) on how to restrengthen the singing voice.

Yesterday, I auditioned a young singer for my studio recordings. The kid was pretty talented. Great pitch, nailing high notes. So halfway through the audition I decided to join in on harmonize, rev up the spirit of the process. It might have been by the third note that I realized how terrible my voice sounded. The kid was carrying me through the tune.

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I Still Don't Like It -- TT5B

The Beastie Boys' "To The 5 Boroughs" album was released last year and I still don't like the album. I've tried listening to it over and over, giving it the chance to grow on me. But it's not happening.

Here's why this is such a big deal:

In 1992, while driving around college campus, one of my UMBC hockey teammates was pumping tunes in his car. It turned out to be a track from "Paul's Boutique", the Beastie Boys second album and first album release to follow their mega-popular "License To Ill." This is significant because "Paul's Boutique" then went onto become a driving force in my life. Actually, the album became a religion. It was played 24-7 and every line on the album was memorized by Weed. In fact, we still speak about the album to this day with reverence. I would argue that "Paul's Boutique" is the greatest album ever recorded in the history of popular music.

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Can anyone recommend a cool podcaster?

I've been hearing about the new podcasting rage but have been unsuccessful at finding a quality podcaster (or two). The providers I've located have ended up being too amateur for my tastes. Most podcasters I've found tend to follow the conflicting-personalities format, which quickly becomes stale.

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Kill Thief With Sword

So I couldn't sleep last night, and decided to pass the time in front of a computer. 4:30AM...

Kill thief with sword.


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Baseball Standings

I believe there's a serious flaw in the way that baseball standings are listed.

I've been following the Washington Nationals from a distance by reading the sports section in the paper. Each morning I turn to the standings to gauge where the Nats place in the National League East. The most important line in the standings is "GB" or games behind. This tells the number of games a team would have to win to pull even with the team in first place. Towards the end of the season, this becomes a magical number, because it's based on a team's winning percentage.

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SportsCenter -- Not A Fan Anymore

I know this is going to ruffle some feathers, but I wanted to announce my displeasure with SportsCenter.

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The Stock Market Is Irrational

We've all heard the term that the capital markets are efficient, but in my opnion they certainly aren't rational.

I've been involved with numerous publicly traded companies, and I'm always shocked when earnings and revenues increase, but the stock takes a hit because it "falls short of expectations."

Recent case in point, from today's news:

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Explain the Pie Thing

Can someone explain to me the "pie" inside joke? I don't understand.

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Solution For Merged Calendar

I'm wondering if anyone has a technology solution for creating a merged calendar for home use.

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No More IRS?

Alright, how many of you out there would like to see the IRS abolished?

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