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Back from the (Proverbial) Dead

Hello folks! I've been absent for the last few months, working a "real job", and now I'm back for my last year of law school.

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Turn on the Red Light

Following in the steps of other reuniting 70s bands, The Police have announced that they will in fact tour this summer, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of "Roxanne".

Music fans are already speculating whether 2009 will bring a 20th anniversary reunion tour of Wayward Sun.

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For You Star Wars Junkies

A very clever take on reinterpreting Star Wars IV-VI in light of what we learned in I-III.

Did you know that the first field agent of the Rebellion was... R2-D2?

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More Fun With Utah

Sorry Matt - we're picking on your state today.

Only in Utah could they conceive of a way to make a 13-year-old girl a sex offender AND victim for the same act!

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Morning In America

I don't need to say that it's a good day to be a Democrat.

As it stands currently, the Democrats gained 28 seats in the House of Representatives, giving them a majority in the House for the first time since 1994.

The Senate, which most Democrats considered a big long shot, is neck-and-neck at 49 seats apiece, and Democrats stand to take that over too, as they hold on to slim leads in Virginia and Montana.

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Weed, Your Prayers Have Been Answered

Now you can play ROBOTRON 2084 online!

Plus other excellent arcade games like Joust, Spyhunter, and Rampage!

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Back in black

After a long and busy summer, I have returned to say hello.

On reflection, I actually have nothing more interesting to say than that. Hello!

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"Megan", and other Wayward Sun rarities

So, just to prove me wrong, the multitrack recorder decided to work today. So, while I had a chance, I threw a bunch of tracks onto the laptop.

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Fatter-day Saints

Matt, it looks like you made the right choice by leaving the Mormon Church.

A new BYU study finds that Mormons in the state of Utah weigh an average of 4.6 pounds more than non-Mormon Utahans.

It's the God-Shaped Hole Weight Loss System!

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A Sad Day

I came to a sad realization this morning in the car. I no longer trust my government. At all.

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