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Tom Ball burns himself alive

A man named Tom Ball burned himself alive on the courthouse steps in Keene County, NH. on Thursday morning.
This guy was not a complete loony, He was actually a very reasonable man put into an unreasonable situation,

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Bological determinism and self-control

Yet another interesting article with relatively reliable citations crept up.
It presents an interesting parallel between how well you process glucose and self-control. When researching ways to maintain stable glucose levels. I constantly kept coming across the same information:

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Why Men are not marrying

Some guys over on the spearhead have an interesting article on Why men are not getting married anymore.
There's a couple of cuss words, but on the whole it makes a lot of sense.

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Has America just been the 'Mark' in the biggest con game in history?

Okay, this is likely to be a bit contentuous and maybe even scandalous, but I have been doing an enormous amount of research and starting to wonder about a great many things. The first one is:

did we miss something REALLY big with our response to 9/11? were Americans played as complete suckers and we took the bait? were we utterly outsmarted at every turn by the people we were fighting?

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Tasers are Terror weapons

I keep telling people this, but they don't understand. Tasers HURT. I have been hit with tasers several times in training, and tasers are quite literally torture devices.

The problem is that the stigma of 'Nonlethal weapons' has given Police officers the freedom to use these torture weapons at will and with little to no accountability, and this is a freedom many of them have abused.

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someone with too much time

Welp, someone has WAY too much time on their hands and, of course, a webcam...

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Someone in the UK has finally done it

is Iron Man really as far into fiction as we think it is?
Boy, that looks like an awful lot of fun!

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New World Order
Umm...okay, another startling bit of reality intrudes itself into our perceptions
please watch this movie... it's kinda boring, but it has a lot of interesting facts bound up into it
It's called 'Zeitgeist'

and yah, I know a lot of people are going to think it's a lot of tinfoil hat stuff, but so far all of the research I have done on them proved out to be true.

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Domestic abuse and father's rights.

Welp. Here I am again, staggering from another psychofiscal blow from my ex.

Somehow, the law in the united states has been altered. Instead of divorce proceedings being 'a fair division of family proceeds' they have become nothing more than an arena for allowing a woman to destroy a guy's life. She can abuse him physically and emotionally, divorce him (no fault really means no warning) And enslave him for the rest of his life for a decision he never made.

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Why do people always assume everyone else is an idiot?

Friday evening. We have been struggling with an absolutely irritating problem for the last 4 months of getting upstream packet dropping on our cablemodem. after 4 technicians (all of whom assumed they had 'fixed the problem') I have been doing a bit of research, checking SNA and upstream currents and finally isolated the problem of being the cable from the house to the junction... kids (and roommates) have been abusing that line for years, shooting it with BB guns, hanging laundry or hitting it with horseshoes (The big heavy iron kind)

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