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HTPC Terminology Breakdown

One of the barriers I faced recently in building my MythTV-based HTPC (Home Theater PC) setup was understanding the terminology and acronyms in widespread use in the community. I wrote this hoping to document and illuminate some of the terms commonly in use.

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So much for "always low prices"

Taken yesterday by my wife in Wal-Mart. What happened to "always low prices"?

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Free RiffTrax

The original MST3K crew is back again for a live performance over the Internet on January 28th operating under the name "RiffTrax". Don't miss it. In case you missed the original discussion, we've discussed RiffTrax here before.


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Fiber's Dubious Benefits

Wrote this in response to someone attempting to paint low-carb as nutritionally deficient yet again. In the tradition of "low-carb makes Matt all ranty", I'll toss it over the wall yet again.

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My First MythTV Experience

So I've decided it's finally time for this nerd to step forward in the digital age with a PVR: Personal Video Recorder. Looking at TiVo, I think it's really cool. What's not cool are the price, the cost, and knowing that if TiVo ever goes out of business I might lose both my listing service and the functionality of my device. I got looking for alternatives and found MythTV.

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Mid-Week Motivation

Mid-week motivation time for me.

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Life Lessons Learned in Bejeweled

My wife recently purchased a game for our iPhones: "Bejeweled 2". It's a great little puzzle game with 3 modes: Classic, Action, and Endless. Classic mode is all about planning ahead, trying to conserve your resources and taking as much time as is necessary to set up the ideal plays so you can continue to play without running out of options. Action mode is fast-and-furious, all about how fast you can make matches, and the game will always provide you with more opportunities as long as you can find them in time. Endless mode is a kind of combination of both, allowing you to practice as long as you like.

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Ketosis/Lipolysis vs. Ketoacidosis

Got a question regarding the metabolic processes of ketosis/lipolysis vs. ketoacidosis on a forum yesterday. Thought I'd post my response here, since it's really a frequently-asked-question by people who are modestly familiar with diabetes and confused by the similarity of terms.

1. In a low carb diet consisting of less than the required carbohydrates the body enters Ketosis. What in a normal healthy person prevents this from developing into a state of ketoacidosis?

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The Flying Car

In other news today, it appears that a flying car is finally going up for test flights. There have been several other attempts to create personal air commuter vehicles over the past several years, all of them unsuccessful. This one, however, with a price point at $200,000, appears to be in within the price realm of "imaginable" for the upper-middle-class who might spend a similar amount on an aircraft... and a big loan for said aircraft.

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Day 1: Tiling

So it turns out that tiling a floor is a 3 or 4-day job. The work isn't long during the "work" time, but you have to wait for stuff to dry before you do the next step, so at a minimum it's 3 days, and 4 if you want to be careful.

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