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Mormon Barbie Dolls

Received this in my mail today; author unknown. Laughs unbearable! You probably have to live in Utah to get it...

In celebration of Barbie's 40th birthday, Mattel has created a Mormon Barbie for the folks in Utah. The most popular, Celestial Barbie, comes with 8.4 children. She wears a mid-calf flower print Laura Ashley dress with conservative flats (no heels), a bow in her flowing shoulder-length hair, with puffy bangs.
Barbie wears a permanent smile and comes with her own bread making machine, store of wheat, list of ways to feed a family of 12 on less than $200 a week, casserole recipes, and year's supply of green Jell-O.

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If you're a programmer, you'll probably get this cartoon. If you aren't, good luck to you:

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The God Button

If you have a spare 45 to 60 minutes today, read the latest essay over at The only problem I ever have with Bill's work is that, well, he goes on for a really, really long time. His skills as an essayist are improving, but growing more wordy at the same time :)

The topic of this essay is America's use of "The God Button", as well as an overall look at historical use of power, and the maturity of the human race in dealing with it.

A far-ranging essay.

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Oops... forgot to compile a driver module for your Linux kernel?

A co-worker wondered aloud the other day, after compiling a Linux kernel, how he could add drivers without re-compiling the entire kernel. I wasn't sure how to do it at the time.

Now I am!

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Terrorists, Fundamentalism, and exchange programs

Now, I realize there's a bit of a language barrier, but the twisted logic of this middle eastern soldier takes the cake.

My favorite part of the rant to American reporters:

The American people want to destroy the Muslim, want to force on us their values. I cannot be a Muslim, that's the whole problem between me and the American people. If I am a Muslim, then I am a terrorist and I am not a terrorist.

Original Article available Here.

I have two words to say. And the first one is a male bovine.

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Bugzilla Goes Korean!

It's nice to see that Bugzilla is getting multi-language support; in this case, as of October 1 2003, it can handle Korean competently. I haven't been active in the project for several years now, other than very rarely submitting a documentation fix. However, they've been working on multi-lingual support now for quite some time, and now you can run Bugzilla in more languages than I can pronounce!

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Postfix, LDAP, and handling organizational change

As many of you know, I'm out of a job here by October 31, 2003. That looks much, much closer on this side of September than it did before! That's only 29 days away. My goal is to walk onto a new job Nov 3, 2003. Here's hoping. And I'm working my butt off to get there :)

Anyway, one of my final projects here is to get some LDAP integration into our Postfix gateway so people won't have to muck so much with configuration files.

matthew's picture facelift

I'll be experimenting with different themes for over the next few days, as I try to incorporate Jon Brusco's graphics, and correct a whole bunch of HTML problems with the theme I'm using, called "polder".

"Polder" is really cool, handles stuff in a really nifty way, but unfortunately just doesn't adhere to HTML standards well. I'm a big fan of validating my HTML, and looking at the number of changes I'd have to make to polder to make it valid transitional HTML is just exhausting, so I'll probably be using another theme as a basis to create mine.

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Feedback from my recovery group...

I'm on a "recovery group" mailing list, where we discuss many different things, including life after Mormonism. I posted news of my affliction to the group. Here's part of the posting that didn't go up on my weblog yesterday:

How does this relate to Recovery from Mormonism? Sometimes, when I'm deep in the throes of an attack, I find myself screaming inside my head "why me, why me?" There is no answer. Occasionally I wonder if, since this occurred after my break with Mormonism, if this is God's punishment for an unbeliever.

Yet I view the TNA [Trigeminal Neuralgia Support --MPB] web site. Many millions of people suffer this disorder. Some are almost surely faithful LDS. The logical part of my brain knows that the failure of the myelin sheath on my trigeminal nerve is a totally natural process that is simply a failure in the way the human body has evolved. Perhaps in earlier times, it was a "neutral drift" in evolution that allowed these to happen, since although it's incapacitating, it's not fatally so. Or, maybe, this is a result of a car accident I was in 16 years ago, which resulted in partial and temporary loss of hearing in one ear, great pain and soreness on the right side (same side!) of my head for a few days, and reduction of my height by about one inch. Who knows?

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Trigeminal Neuralgia

I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately. Turns out that, in addition to everything else I get to do, I get the opportunity to be part of a community of people with an affliction known as "Trigeminal Neuralgia".

TNA, as it's sometimes called, is an irritation of the trigeminal nerve. From what my doctor told me today, the nerve leaves your brain and comes close to the skin just below and behind your ear. That soft little dimple just behind your jawbone, feel it? Yeah, that one. Well, anyway, through some poorly understood process, mostly involving positioning of arteries rubbing the myelin sheath of the nerve (although some people point to NICO, where infections cause part of your jawbone to die, as a possible suspect), this nerve becomes inflamed and just goes crazy.

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