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No dumping

I was enjoying a little pillow talk with Christy tonight, and a thought struck me.

"You know what's cool? I mean, we're married. We've been married for coming up on nine years. I'm your permanent boyfriend. It's like you're driving along this lonely highway, and then suddenly you realize you're not alone, because you see this sign on the side of the road that says 'No Dumping', and you're like 'Hey, that's what marriage is, no dumping!'"

Thanks for letting me share.

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Migraines are a pain

Over the last few months, I've begun developing headaches centered about three inches above my left eye. Very painful, not much fun at all.

Finally, Christy sent me to the store tonight to get some migraine medicine. Excedrin Migraine. It's a cocktail of Aspirin, Acetomenophen, and... Caffeine.

So it's 11 PM, and I am given a choice between a headache keeping me up for the night, or the caffeine keeping me up for the night. Not a good choice when both of them involve not getting enough sleep! I now finally sympathize with friends of mine who have bad headaches. These hurt so bad I feel like digging my eyeballs out with a steak knife. I took the Excedrin.

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"Potterheads!" I thought to myself as I skulked into Wal-Mart at 12:30 AM to obtain some emergency supplies my wife wanted.

I noticed a pair of wives from my neighborhood. "Potterheads!" I shouted, and they laughed. We chatted for a few minutes about their addiction, and I explained that *I* was here for vital emergency supplies.

I quickly found what I was looking for. Late-night is when they restock the shelves, I rationalized, and that must be why my supplies were trundling down the aisle on a pallet. I grabbed two units, smiled politely to the woman dragging the very heavy pallet, and expressed my wishes that I'd made her life easier by lightening the load on the way to the shelves...

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Gallery back, for the time being...

I just got an email from Sam Graber, who was my best friend in high school. We haven't talked in like 4 years or something like that. Anyway, he mentioned that he wanted to see my photo gallery again.

Temporarily, you can get to the gallery using this link. The pictures are all still there, but I'm trying to convert them over to the new system which works a whole heck of a lot better with my weblogging software. Happy viewing!

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How often do you think about the potential corollary to a statement you are making? A corollary is something that follows without requiring proof from a statement already proven, a deduction or inference, or a natural consequence or result. Does it even matter?

"I know I'm raising my kids right because they pray to Jesus every night."

Is the corollary to that, "I know you aren't raising your kids right because they don't?"

As mad as it may make some die-hard anti-religionists out there, I'm going to say "No. The two have nothing to do with each other in the mind of reasonable people."

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Relevance of copyright today

I've been participating in a Slashdot Discussion today which contrasts well-known civil liberties advocate and scholar Lawrence Lessig against an RIAA representative discussing copyright. As a proponent of balanced copyright (what we have today is considerably unbalanced, in my humble opinion), this article fascinated me to get a glimpse of Lessig's opinions and those of the recording industry. One of my favorite Lessig quotes is "Record companies value their artists in the same sense that cattle ranchers value their cattle." Or something like that :) Anyway, read more for snippets of discussion I found interesting and thought-provoking...

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Wok On!

I came across a fantastic article about correct preparation and seasoning a Wok for use today. I'd never really understood the idea behind "seasoning" a pan before. The concept seemed repugnant to me -- I mean, you're making it ugly and black and look like it's covered and cruddy. That's just gross. But now that I understand how and why to do it, I'm eager to throw away some of the Teflon crap at our house and season myself some cast iron...

Check out the Wok Seasoning article here

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I'm updating to the latest version of Drupal. Thus you may note the lack of any theme and strangeness from time to time. I apologize to my half-dozen readers for the inconvenience :)

Please note that the Gallery is down for the time being. I'm working on a new photo gallery to replace it. It still has a couple of issues (notably, problems submitting items at any resolution lower than 1280x1024). Once I'm done, though, it should be a lot more integrated and nicer than the old gallery.

UPDATE: Got the upgrade in. Cool, you should see more updates now that the Blogger API is working right. I'm excited to load up the pages on my laptop and have an opinion written by the time I get to work in the morning...

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Outlanders, Burglary, and Being Scared

First, I haven't posted any blogs in a while because I've been working on the web site for my Planetside outfit, the Outlanders. You'll see a link to that site on the right-hand side. It uses the same technology as to drive it (Drupal), but it's a newer version. Once that new version graduates from "release candidate" to "release", I'll be updating as well.

Second: My life used to be pretty boring to all appearances. Yeah, I'm always excited about my work, technology, and music, but outside of those arenas, we didn't have much in the way of interpersonal conflict with neighbors or any other strangeness to be worried about. I mean, it seems like there are people who thrive on disasters. For a really great treastise on this subject in an easy-to-read fiction form, try The Losers, by David Eddings. It's an engrossing read by a popular fantasy author, but it's not fantasy. It's a modern-day urban good vs. evil morality play, and really worth the time to read. It's not very long, either.

Unfortunately, I found my life closely resembling The Losers last night...

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Planetside Tips

Here are some tips I picked up recently off the Sony boards that I thought were relevant. If you don't play Planetside, this will probably make no sense to you.

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