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Gator Baiter

So Slashdot linked to an article about Gator, the much-hated and much-imitated adware/spyware program that many people accidentally install on their Microsoft Windows [WARNING: Strong language] operating systems. I almost exclusively use GNU/Linux, particularly Gentoo, at home and work, so I'm not susceptible to accidental installation of this program... <read more>

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This faith called "Otherkin" made the front page of Kuro5hin today. I must admit that I, like probably every other science-fiction fan on the planet, occasionally play with the idea that if I just think harder I can make that pencil on the desk move with my mind (heck, there's a training course you can take to teach you how), or that I'm really the malevolent god Hastur. Or whatever.

But building a faith around it? Well, no accounting for taste, but stuff like this is one of the reasons I avoid religion.

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Gentoo vs. everybody

So I've been running Gentoo Linux on my home machine for several months now, and other than one thing, I'm in love. It's an amazing, stable system, easy to geek out on, yet incredibly easy to run once you get everything working. That's a big "once" there.

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Artificial Intelligence -- How do we get there?

I made this post on today, and felt like I wanted to mirror it in my weblog. I really think that an "inclusive" approach toward Artificial Intelligence, one that is multi-disciplinary, can be the key toward creating our ultimate goal, which is (basically) a new class of slave. I'll leave the moral implications of creating our own mechanical slaves out of the discussion for now, but really, the main benefit of creating an artificial intelligence, besides having it do stuff for us, would be to give us some company...

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New PC desk

Just picked up a cheap PC desk ($120) from Fred Meyer, but it actually looks pretty nice! I'll post pics later. Just finished getting it together, and that is always a pain.

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Dancing the Tango!

Christy and I arranged a date tonight. We've been pretty good about making sure we have a date every single week for the last few years; it's a tradition I really enjoy. Lately we've been looking for more interesting things to do than the traditional dinner or movie thing. Last week Christy suggested we go dancing, so I said let's do it this week. We did it, and it's a lot of fun...

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Foreign Languages Exist to Make Me Laugh

From the keepen-dem-mittengrabben-offen dep't:

Polly Harris is a woman of many talents. Search and rescue worker, computer game programmer, intensely physical martial artist, and (reserve) police officer. To top it all off, she has a great sense of humor and has become the ad hoc discoverer-of-hilarious-quotes-on-weblogs for a small mailing list I participate in. Read the original article at the National Review (careful, due to one exceptionally-long sentence, the whole page ends up really, really wide), or Mean Mr. Mustard's excerpt, reprinted here almost in its entirety.

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Back by popular demand: GNU/Linux vs. High-End UNIX

In the "Yet Another Repost" category, here's one of my old articles examining the differences between GNU/Linux and High-End UNIX out of insights gathered from a Slashdot discussion. Yeah, I know a lot of people slam Slashdot for the technical ignorance manifested there, but if you're familiar with the territory, it's not that treacherous.

Read more for the repost from March 3, 2003.

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Back by Popular Demand: The Art of Tying Shoes

To skip ahead to what I've figured out is the best knot on the planet, go to the bottom of this blog entry.

On the bus, we had a discussion of how to properly tie a shoe. I've had problems with my shoes coming untied my whole life, and just assumed it would always be that way. Since I was about six I've double-knotted them to keep them from coming untied unexpectedly, and that's worked great for the last twenty-three years.

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images & photos now working

Well, after a good deal of toil and head-banging, I finally got the php "gallery" package up and running. There are a few issues, read more for details.
Important note: There are issues with a few file names in the Klamath Falls folder. Apparently I had some duplicate filenames, which trashed the other files that were already there. So comments may be lost, and icons may be wrong in there right now.

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