Wherefore art thou, Lemon Jolly Rancher?

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My wife recently went out and bought a great, big bag of Jolly Ranchers from the store to use as "potty treats" while we are training our two-year-old in how to use the restroom. Of course, being who I am, I had to raid the bag a bit. I tried the cherry, which was OK, the watermelon, which was as good as always, and then started digging around for the lemon ones.

You see, when I was a kid, one of my favorite candies were lemon Jolly Ranchers. I'd tuck them way in the back corners of my mouth and they'd make my jaw ache, they were so sour. But I'd eat them until I got canker sores, because I liked 'em so much.

But alas... digging through a 5 lb bag of Jolly Ranchers... There are no Lemon Jolly Ranchers anymore!

The pain! The horror! In haste, I checked the Hershey's web site:


ERASED FROM HISTORY! An entire chapter of my youth, gone. My kids will have a hard time believing such a delicious, jaw-lock-inducing treat ever existed now. Lemon Jolly Ranchers are no more, and aren't even given the decency of being included as part of the "Original Assortment". The Original Assortment was five flavors, NOT FOUR!

To even get close to it, now I have to buy the "Tropical Assortment" and make do with "Lemon-Lime".

You know, if I'm gonna enjoy a candy once every decade or so, I'd like for it not to change, plzthxu.


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Man, I wish I had a camera at work.

The pharmacists put out a big basket of Jolly Ranchers 3 days prior, and when I went to work the other night, there was just a basket of Blue Raspberry left. Nothing else.. all gone.

It was a testimony to the hatred of that outdated and utterly disgusting flavor.

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NVZ: NINJAS VS ZOMBIES - THE MOVIE - www.nvzmovie.com

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If there were Lemons...

If the conspirators against Lemon Jolly Ranchers had not gotten their way, that basket would have been empty except for one half-eaten lemon rancher that a two-year-old had sucked on, spit back into the wrapper, and then put back into the basket.

And if I had come to that basket, I'd have picked up the gooey Lemon Rancher, eaten it anyway, and the basket would then be empty.

Matthew P. Barnson

Matthew P. Barnson

Bring them back...

Lemon and orange. So sad. They were the only ones I liked. I hate when companies think good flavors should be removed in favor of the blue whatever flavors. (Ex: the vanishing of the tan M&M).

Lemon Jolly Ranchers

I am 53 years old and have always thought the lemon flavored Jolly Ranchers were the greatest hard candy going. I have recently tried to introduce my 9 years old Grandson to this flavor, as the child loves lemons as much as his Grandad, and was dismayed to find they no longer exist. A pox on blue raspberry!
If anyone is getting up a petetion to Hersheys, please let me know.

reply on the idiot

You should NEVER put crack with candy,, you fool,,you must be on it,, and crave it!!!!!!

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Crack & Candy

You should NEVER put crack with candy...

Damn it. It's been bugging me for months. I just knew I did something wrong last Halloween. Thanks for the tip.

Matthew P. Barnson

Matthew P. Barnson

Peach was my all time

Peach was my all time favorite flavor, with Pink Lemonade and Fruit Punch a close second. Now NONE of those flavors are made anymore! ARGHH.
Those disgusting blue raspberry ones are for the dogs, I say we revolt and let fly the cannons (filled with the blue ones, of course) towards Hersheys!
Bring back lemon, peach and all the other ORIGINAL flavors, please!

I remember....

I am a senior in high school right now and the only people who remember the totally wonderful, Lemon Jolly Ranchers are a few teachers, and when I say "a few", I mean two or three. Only one other friend of mine knows of and misses Lemon as much a I do. I grew up with lemon. If I recall, the last time I had a lemon Jolly Rancher was when i was in 6th grade.

Now I have an order of operations when I eat Jolly Ranchers.

1. Dump out the bag and go through and sort each flavor.

2. Eat the cherry flavor(my new favorite...since lemon is no longer)

3. Eat the grape flavor.

4. Eat the apple flavor.

5. Eat the blue flavor(i don't really care for it)

6. If I have to, I eat the nasty watermelon

7. And finally...wonder what life would be like if Lemon Jolly Ranchers still existed.

We need to get a boycott going...so they will have to bring the lemon Jolly Ranchers back.

And while I am on the subject of Lemon Flavors...
Has anyone noticed that at Dairy Queen, they no longer have Fresh Lemon Mister Misty's? That was my favorite as a little kid, my favorite part was eating the lemon slice they would put at the bottom, and like the Jolly Ranchers, i settle for a cherry Mister Misty, and they don't even call it Mister Misty anymore, it's like Arctic something or other.

I bet all the existing Lemon Jolly Ranchers are stored at Area 51 or something. I call call this Government Conspiracy the Lemon Collin's Project...TOP SECRET.

Thanks for reading my post.


Its so weird they just got up and left one day. :( I can't even remember the last one I ate... I tell you what though, you should just go ahead and send all these blogs to them and see what they do with so many disappointed buyers.


My Teacher Mr.Galati, is standing in front of his students in shock of his discovery of no more LEMON JOLLY RANCHERS. He is so mortified by this that he has threatened to go on a hunger strike! I am quiet concerned about his health. WHY? why would hershey do such a thing as to stop producing Lemon flavored jolly ranchers? this is absurd! To this day Mr.Galati is claiming that he will never again buy a hershey product.

Lemon Jolly Ranchers

Lemon JR Hunter

First. have to say. I am thrilled to find this site! In my thoughts of lemon JR's, I thought I took the blue pii or something!
I have been to Every candy store in Missouri, in my hunt, to no avail. I remember that had em, and anytine I mentioned them peple said "what?, there aint no lemon and never has been!" Just when i was ready to admitt I must have slipped a gear in my head, I found this place! Thank you for avenging my sanity!

Now, my wife hates the bule just by color. I have tasted them and i get an apple taste from them. Not green apple, just apple. Boring indeed! I do know that have different assortments at different times of the year, but alas no lemon to be found.

I was wondering if that one long lemon hid in a draw is up on Ebay yet? If not start the bidding here!

Lemon JR Hunter

I wholeheartedly agree with

I wholeheartedly agree with tawnylrya's rant, except maybe for the conspiracy bit. I really have no idea why they would remove the best flavor, and add in the worst, but it is especially cruel that they name the current assortment "Original Flavors."

Oh, and I'm just gonna go out on a limb here, Grape is the best JR flavor currently in existence.

i always wondered what

i always wondered what happened to lemon i just thought i kept on gettin screwed!
blue rasberry has to be the nastiest flavor. i think my other fav. is gone now to =peach= WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

Lemon Jolly Ranchers

I LOVED the Leomns and ahve been looking for them for over a year. I'm moving on from Jolly Ranchers untill they bring the leomn back!

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Yse, teh leoms wrre my fvaorite flovar too.

Matthew P. Barnson

Matthew P. Barnson


Hey guys, I just had to let you know my husband and I just spent the last half hour reading through and laughing at most of these blog entries..I can't believe this has been going on for what? like 2 years? Hopefully longer than the potty-training.

Like most, we typed "lemon jolly rancher" into Google, trying to find out if they were still around or not...this is the first site that comes up. We got our answer right away, but couldn't stop reading, especially when it came to the blue raspberry rant..which I totally agreed with..(on the same note..pink lemonade? where did that come from?)

Anyway, just have to add--I always disliked the raspberry (regular, not blue) flavor..to me it literally tasted like vomit, and I couldn't stand to have it in my mouth.

Also--nobody mentioned the cinnamon flavored jr bars...sometimes my dad would mistake them for cherry and buy them for us before road trips..boy were those spicy.

Thanks for the entertainment..and good luck lemon lovers!!

Bring Back lemon Jolly Rancher - Facebook Cause


I, too, despise the blueberry Jolly Ranchers. I say we all mail the blue ones to Hershey's to show our disgust.

I started a Facebook cause. I hope it's okay - I used your picture of the Last Lemon Jolly Rancher on Earth.

Deeply saddened.

bad news for those of you

bad news for those of you who love lemon....the lemon and peach flavors are no longer available///

wow...I too, am pregnant and

wow...I too, am pregnant and craving jolly ranchers, particularly my all time favorite, lemon. I knew something was very wrong when I bought a bag of "Original" flavors and got...blue raspberry?? WTF? Who do they think they are fooling? and WHY? Why take away the best flavor ever and then try to pass off an obvious imposter as original? This almost bothers me as much as there being no lemon...but not quite. I am so sad.
And about the veggies vs hard candy...I am totally not judging...but my guess is that the reason more kids choke on veggies is because more parents serve them than they do hard candy? if hard candy were a necessary food staple (which lately for me, it is) my guess is the number would go up.

I feel your pain. My

I feel your pain. My girlfriend was just telling they erased the yellow ranchers, and a Google search turned up your story. It's the end of an era.

WOW!, this blog has been

WOW!, this blog has been super fun to read. i'm considering linking hershey to this, just so they can see the passion that lemon jr's and jr's in general have on fans. inspiring, jr poetry, seriously hershey needs to reevaluate their priorities as it refers to jr flavors. im gonna go off on a bit of a limb and bring up fire ranchers! love those tiny cinnamony devils, although upon search i was able to find some available online pretty easily. so im not in the lemon flavor lovers boat, but seriously, lets get the petition started and get good old lemon back in the lineup!

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I think i can remember lemon jolly ranchers....I'm only 15. how long ago did they dissapear? Tommorrow is Christmas and i'm searching for a poem to go along with all the jolly ranchers i have for my buddie who is comming down. My search essencially brought me here and I have spent the last half an hour looking at posts about the Lemon Jolly Rancher. As I read i thought about how i just bought two different bags of jolly ranchers. One is the "original" (cough cough) and the other is "tropical" or something like that. the "original has no leomon in it.....hmmmmm.....and the "tropical" has a raspberry lemonade, (upon discovring which, my sister promptly grabbed it and ate it, spitting it out soon after complaining that it was discusting. which, i might add, is rather strange because she lives for raspberry lemonade stuff....). I have found that having no lemon is really strange as skittles have lemon flavored candies and.....other stuff i have recently passed in the candy isle that i can't think of at the mo. Well I wish everyone the best of luck with the Lemon Jolly Rancher and if anyone knows of any Jolly Rancher Poems feel free to tell me! :) LETS BRING BACK THE LEMON JOLLY RANCHER!!! ONE OF THE ORIGINAL CLASSICS!!!

Get Back The Lemon Jolly Rancher

I too was searching for lemon jolly rancers and found this site. I have already complained to hershey about this, and i think everyone on this post should as well, because the more feedback on lemon jolly rancers they geet the more likely it will come back.

Pink Lemonade...

Count me among those who miss the lemon flavor Jolly Rancher, but I found this site while searching for Pink Lemonade information, as, in my opinion, it was the only flavor which ever eclipsed Lemon.

Pink Lemonade is still available in the Lollipop packs, but it's such a waste, buying a whole bag of lollipops just to get the 6-7 pink lemonade ones, and toss out the watermelons, leaving a handful of Apples and Cherry-flavors to be eaten when there are no more Pink Lemonades.

I suppose I should be thankful Pink Lemonade is still available at all, as I'm sure it's only a matter of time before it goes the way of lemon... sad.

Don't squeeze, on the Lemon JR's!

Lemon Jolly Ranchers are not to blame. Those kids could have choked on some other kind. But, obviously, some kids are too young for hard candy.

Lemon Heaven!

Hey Matthew,
I know how you feel. I have noticed a few of my old favorites disappearing too, like the "Chocolatey" PayDay. I missed it so! I checked online and no more Chocolatey PayDay! Well, one day, out of the blue, there it was... my Chocolatey PayDay! I couldn't wait to get it out the store. I soon realized, like those pets in the movie "Pet Cemetery", it was a scary, unfamiliar version of my old friend. I think it best to let yours also go. You don't want what happened to me to happen to you. Be Grateful, there are still Lemonheads? Those aren't so bad? LOL! Good Luck Matthew!

Lemon Jolly Ranchers

Read Matthew's story about Lemon Jolly Ranchers. i do not ever remember there being lemon Jolly Ranchers, but I could be wrong. My comment is different though. You shouldn't focus on not finding lemon Jolly Ranchers. That's not your problem.

The problem here is you think it's ok to give a 2 year old a Jolly Rancher as a "potty treat."

We hesitated to give our child hard candies because of the choking hazard. Just last week, I decided it was ok for our child to try hard candies and he ate about 5 before I ended up having to give him the heimlich manuever because he started choking. He is 7!

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Point taken, but you're ignorant.

I take your point, but you're ignorant of the real facts: vegetable-choking kills more children every year than hard candy. Period.

Being a parent involves managing risk. You're ignorant of the statistics and unnecessarily worry about extremely low-risk behavior. Now, I don't want my kid on the wrong side of the bell curve -- who does! -- but a prejudice against hard candy as a reward based upon choking statistics is simply ignorance and mass hysteria disguised as good parenting.

See, and part of that "good parenting" is something you practiced: being with your kid instead of somewhere else. You helped make sure he didn't choke to death on a candy. I once almost choked to death in my car while eating a pork rind. The obituary would have been hilarious.

Now, if you're prejudiced against hard candy because it rots the teeth and results in unstable blood sugar levels, that's an argument I'd buy.

Matthew P. Barnson

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An update

An update:

I tried Lemon Heads. They are delicious even though they taste a little like Lemon Pledge cleanser. Two thumbs up, although not quite a replacement for the Lemon Jolly Rancher!

Matthew P. Barnson