Was I born in the wrong decade?

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Tonight, on the way into work, I was flipping through the stations on my XM Radio...

  • Highway 16... naw, I don't want to do country tonight.
  • Mix... Too homogenic for my tastes tonight. It's just... bland pop music.
  • Seventies on Seven? Meh... It was Led Zeppelin, again, followed by some Rush and CCR. I mean, I like that stuff, but it didn't reach out and grab me.
  • Well, maybe it's a talk radio night? America Left, America Right. No politics, just car shows and this dumb music show...


Who's this Dean Martin guy they're talking about?

Huh. He's got a dang fine voice. When's that music from? 1946? Huh.

(thumbs on radio, ignoring traffic around me for a second)

"Forties on Four".

Holy crap! That's some butt-kicking Big Band music! Wow! That's really good!

So here I sit, a few hours later, STILL listening to the Forties on Four. Man. That's real music. These aren't just golden oldies, these are MOLDY OLDIES. Right now, it's barbershop... actually, it's not forties, but it's Acoustix singing songs from the forties.

I feel decidedly strange, but, oddly musically satisfied.

The people in the parking lot at Wal-Mart sure looked at me strangely as my butt-kickin' sound system blasted big band music. And you thought rap had deep bass.