Thanksgiving In DC

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Sammy G and Wife Unit in the hizzy. We fly in this afternoon late and leave Saturday night. Call me, email me or blog me if anyone wants to hang.


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I wanna hang!

Hey, I wanna hang! My place, any night of the weekend, we'll be here hosting family.

But crap, "home" is about 2,100 miles from DC now...

Matthew P. Barnson

Matthew P. Barnson

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Check your e-mail

We're around all weekend, hopefully something will work out. The only commitment we have is to take the kids to a Wiggles-lite concert on Friday. Henry, Dorothy, Wags and the Captain are doing a show on their own, and they are making a stop at Strathmore. I've already started dosing with painkillers.

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Clan Weed

If you're not busy and feel like driving two hours, we'll be kicking some tree decorations on Friday. You've not lived until you've seen me put the angel on top of our 13" Christmas tree :)

Seriously though, if you wanna hook up Friday, I'm in. Call me on the cell.

My $.02

My $.02

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As always up for coffee!
Anytime Fri or Sat.. Rio is always good.
Email me at
justin timpane com

Leave a phone number if youre available.. matter of fact.. if Tim and Lisa or Jon or anyone wanna come by say Hamburger Hamlet or corner bakery and we could do it all at one time.. I'll bring the kid, but scoot out after like 45 mins cuz Im doing packing.

Lemme know.

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