Clean Up The Registry

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In an effort to clean up my registry, yesterday I bought, installed and ran Ace Optimizer Utilities from Acelogix for my office Compaq Presario desktop purchased back in the spring of 2004.

Registry files cleaned: 1,147.

Though a sophisticated user of consumer technology, I've always been wary of manually cleaning up my registry for fear of permanently damaging the box. Sure, I could back up my data and certainly restore or, worst case, buy a new disposable Wintel computer if I committed unrecoverable damage. But the disruption time and cost are not desirable. So I issue patience during lengthy boots, double-clicks, and even during hiccups at every right-click for menu draw-down, all the while contemplating the drawbacks of going in and taking on the registry myself.

Of course, I don’t even know how to find the registry.

I haven't used any other software, so I can't compare, but I heartily endorse Ace Optimizer. The suite of tools and interface is easy to use. Plus, it goes far beyond the rote "Administrative Tools" and "System Tools" that come with Windows OS. These tools are a joke, except for defrag, and I'm assuming there are plenty of 3rd-party COTS apps for this function as well. (As an aside, I found a free registry defrag utility that works great. I tried to attach but won't allow the upping of .exe files. Email me if anyone wants this utility.)

I especially love the fact that this software erases all my history, duplicate files, junk and residue from prior installs. For $40, including a lifetime version license, it's worth it to speed up the system while having a resident watchdog app maintain efficiency.

Anyone else have any registry advice?


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Have you noticed an improvement in boot-up or application launch times? If so, did you actually measure these things before, or is it possible that affirmation bias is playing a role? (Not that that would be bad: if the same boot-up time "feels" fast, then it's not annoying anymore, is it?)

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2 out of 3

Boot up -- yes.
Application Launch -- not really, not sure, likely not at all.
System response time -- yes.

Besides just the cleaning of the registry, I got to minimize startup apps and wipe all deleted file data. I can truly tell there's a better system response time, especially when running Adobe CS 2 and not having to wait every time I alt-tab between InDesign and Acrobat. Unfortunately, I didn't perform a true test on boot-up by actually measuring time before and after.