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We have discussed wine many times on this board. I have recently (within the last year) started to watch a video podcast called Wine Library TV run by Gary Vanerchuk. He has been making some big splashes in the wine world, and his video podcast has helped me immensly with getting a better understanding of the wine world and opening me up to trying some wine types that i probably would not have tried previously.

Thought i would share...


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I'm plebian

I guess I'm just a plebe... I like the taste of certain dark beers, but have not found anything else alcoholic that matches my palate.

Matthew P. Barnson

Matthew P. Barnson

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It's been an interesting transition for me. About 5 years ago i was all about ales and lagers. I guess I still do on occasion, but i really enjoy the wines better. They don't give me that heavy feeling in my gut.

Next time you all are out this way I will have to pop the cork on a couple of bottles and see if i can get you interested in some of the wines that I really have been enjoying. - Maybe have a Barnsonian wine tasting out in ol' WV.

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I know I keep saying it..

But now that I know you like wine i want to come out even more..

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