By popular demand... The Right Of Way

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Yep, by popular demand (OK, two people) I've uploaded The Right Of Way. This was Wayward Sun's second album, and number seven on Justin's list of what it's about darn time for. I'll be putting a bit more history up on my weblog regarding the making of this album later, but for now, here are the songs. Special thanks to Justin Timpane for going through the painstaking effort of ripping, fixing, de-noisifying, and encoding these files.

I've also linked these from Matt's Music Page so people can get two-click access to these tunes.

The Right Of Way: This link allows you to stream the entire album from start to finish. Requires WinAmp, xmms, or compatible mp3 player and a broadband connection.

The links below allow you to download the songs individually; they are generaly 5 to 6 megabytes apiece (You do the math to see how long they'll take to download on your computer). Right-click and "save as" if you want to save it to your hard drive instead of play it immediately.

  1. Compulsive Fire: "You're telling me lies... so shut up and die!". Yet another rebel tune by Sammy G, master of angst, anger, and attitude.
  2. All Over Again: Growing up, Matt Barnson's family had a habit of picking up stray people and letting them live with us for a while. Two of them were beautiful girls who, of course, the prepubescent Barnboy got a crush on. This was written for them. The author no longer has a crush on either one :)
  3. Leave It All Behind: Written by Matthew Barnson, it was supposed to capture the essence of making it big in the music business. It ended up being kind of a lengthy, boring, almost-metal wannabe tune.
  4. Afterlife: OK, if I recall correctly, this one was by Sam and Ben? Correct me if I'm wrong guys. And after years of only contemplating the meaning of this song when I was really, really bored, I still haven't figured out exactly what it's about. "We float about on pencil tips searching for the end of the torture that we suffer"? Hmm, Ben, you didn't tell us about any psychoactive substances in your high-school years...
  5. Chica's Rag: Ode to a fangirl of the band. Her real name was, erm, Cathy, I think. She was very nice and quiet, but devoted. The song started as a jam session, with everybody kind of goofing around. Kevin was enjoying a new beat he'd made up, Sam was just barely learning bass and began a pretty simple riff, I decided to play some seventies-style "Wokka-Wokka" on the guitar, and Ben figured out a chord progression. Then one day Sam strutted in with some lyrics, Ben fleshed out the harmonies, Kevin elaborated on the drums, I stuck with the "Wokka-Wokka", and Chica's Rag was born.
  6. House Of Dreams: The intro is a piano duet that nobody remembers how to play. Another Sam & Ben collaboration, combining Sam's angst with Ben's meaningless but elegant lyricism. It makes for a powerful combination saying... something :) The first of our tunes where the guitar actually seems to be both prominent and reasonably good-sounding. The execrable "Leave It All Behind" doesn't count :).
  7. Kevin: Obviously, Kevin had no idea this song was going to go on the album until the last minute. Dani Haslam sang vocals, and it was a totally synthesized song. If I recall correctly, Kevin had been going through one of many crises at the time we were laying down this album, and this was kind of a "pick you up" tune. Some love it, some hate it.
  8. One Man: This song by Matthew Barnson is best noted for the fact it has been remade at least four times. The first time was on Sam's T-1 synth, sequenced in memory. I lost that copy. The second time was this album. The third time was on "No Further Questions", the album the band did after I moved. The fourth time, I did it, and you can hear it elsewhere on this web site. Still not entirely done, though some people think the latest version is fine as it is.

    Anyway, I wrote it, as with most my songs, to impress a girl. This girl was named Jenny, whom I hadn't seen since fifth grade. She was a pacifistic-type person, thus the line "Some would say the use of force is letting Nature run its course; they can't see time passing them by". She loved it. Too bad I can't remember her last name.
  9. Breathless I was goofing around with an introduction that I was trying to make a song from. Sam asked, "Hey, Matt, mind if I borrow that?". Since I hadn't managed to make anything meaninful out of the chord progression yet, other than a noodle, I said "sure", and a few weeks later, Sam came out of the recording study at UMBC with this tune.
  10. Don't Let The Song Pass You By: Mucho Thanko to Juli Graber for providing the "Aye Aye Aye Aye" part of this tune, the most memorable thing about it :) Ultimately written by Matthew Barnson, but with lots of input from other band members, and a gaggle of partially-drunk party-goers as well.


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Ahh.. cool


And lets not forget that incredible cover artwork, eh?

Of note: Compulsive fire used to be the theme for the Quince Orchard High School weekly newscast.. until I think Sam wrote something else, then I did.. So, for at least 6 years, an entire school heard muzak from someone on this board.

All over again is one of my fave songs period.. ever.

Leave it all behind.. yeah, youre right.

Chica's Rag, the version before the 7 minute version.

Afterlife, the version before the 9 minute version. :)
I always thought it was "Beached on hand and a basketball rim"

House of dreams was a flawed execution of a cool idea, and I admit I was disappointed an updated version of it wasn't on No further Questions (which I have on my computer if anyone wants me to give it to Matt.. technically, he's not on it, so I dunno)

Kevin: My least favorite wayward sun song. Now understand, I was arguably one of the biggest WS fans you guys had, but this song was out of place.. and well, okay..

One man: Of course I'm partial to the new verion b/c I sing half of it, but I was also partial to the R.O.W. version. The No further questions version had some weird flange behind the voice.. That being said, it was really cool, and my mom hated it, so I liked it even more. Oh, and I am responsible for that torturous high note.. sorry.

Breathless: Of all the No further questions remakes, this is the only one I really liked better the second time. Sam has a beautiful voice, and it showed through here.. and of note.. didn't sam play EVERYTHING on this version?

Don't let this song pass you by: Man, I love those harmonies. That song really really worked, and when i was in college (1994) that song went on some mix tapes. People wanted more like that.

Cool to have it up. Thanks for the mems, guys.


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Matt, LOVE your website...I r

Matt, LOVE your website...I read this every day. Actually it is my home page at work. Anyway, I really love this website. It sometimes gives me a good chuckle, especialy the potty storys of Zach. Don't worry Matt, remember I was married to your brother once upon a time and you too are too much alike when it comes to potty stories or should I say talking about being in the bathroom for long periods of time.

Anyway...speaking of Wayward Sun. When Brian and I were dating, he gave me a copy of the tape. I used to listen to it all the time. I know I still have it in a box somewhere in my spare room (right now the home for one of my cats and many many boxes). I think I need to resurect that tape and listen to it after 10 years of being in hiding.

Oh my God!

Did you have to embarass me forever by putting "Kevin" online?!!
I mean, I was a naive and well meaning 16 year old here... PEOPLE PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND.
Songwriting and stuff was just not my forte.
Ben, if you give this url to anyone in order to incriminate me, I will come up with something infinitely worse! :P

Oh yeah, and um, hi.
I can't believe you guys keep these blog thingys!
Matt, you have a lovely family :)

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You should register for an account and send me a current picture, Dani. Come on, everybody else is doing it :) I'll even create a little black-and-white avatar for you like everyone else has if you like!

Happy to see you hanging out here, didn't realize you ever read this!

Matthew P. Barnson

Matthew P. Barnson

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Note to Dani..
My not liking the song had nothing to do with your voice, which was lovely. And the song itself was sweet and well meaning.. the real issue was th eplacement after House of dreams and before One man.. it was this pretty girl voice with synth strings behind.. overproduced.

That being said.. the lyrics, the melody and the vocals wer ejust fine. I would be interested to hear a version of it with just a piano, drums and maybe a little bass.


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Wayward Sun songs


If you don't know me, I was Sam & Ben's roommate in college. I would like any and all Wayward Sun music you have. I've already downloaded the first two albums posted to the site. If anyone has more, please contact me if you will let me have it.


P.S. Whatever happened to Ed?

My $.02

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Wish I could tell you, Ed was the one who replaced me in the band. Obviously, it's kind of tough for me to have much to say, since I was in Los Angeles while he was in the band in Maryland...

Matthew P. Barnson

Matthew P. Barnson