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So the Wife o'Weed has received an iPhone 3G. I'm sure I'll answer this question as I play with it, but why would I need to jailbreak it? What apps or features would I need that Apple doesn't allow?

Any advice or recommendations are welcome



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Advantages of jailbreaking

There are a few advantages of jailbreaking. And only you can decide if they are worth it to you or not.

1. Apple Store official apps are not allowed to run background processes. So, for instance, an ssh daemon is right out on official apps, but works fine in a jailbreak. Pandora, a streaming official player, only works as long as it is running in the foreground. You can't stream music in the background with the official app. dTunes, a jailbroken app, plays fine in the background.

2. Official apps must restrict themselves to "sandbox" directories; they are only allowed to play in their own database. Jailbroken apps have full access to the filesystem.

3. Official apps can't mess with other apps. Jailbroken apps can. Classic case: "Winterboard" for the jailbroken iPhone can modify your dock, icons, and display a calendar superimposed on the lock screen. Clippy allows copy/paste between applications. Downloader modifies Safari to allow you to download or play videos. Official apps aren't allowed to do this.

4. If you jailbreak and install ssh, you tether your laptop to your iPhone and use your iPhone's internet connection. Tethering is a no-go for official apps.

There are more advantages, but if those four don't compel you, the other reasons aren't as important.

Matthew P. Barnson

Matthew P. Barnson