Dieting Facebook Style

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I just started goofing around on Facebook. I know, I know, Justin, you've told me for years that I should use it. Anyway, it's pretty cool; I'm up to around 200 "friends" on the site now, mostly people I know from school and work. I recently updated my status to show the fat-loss progress I was excited about:

New weight low today: 214.5 lbs. First time under 215 in half a decade. Another five pounds, and I'll be at my lightest since age 21.

My friend George McEwan asked me,

So are you eating canned air followed by a chaser of water? What are you eating to hit those weight goals?

Facebook, unfortunately, has a limit on status comments that is restrictive. Here's what I came up with to condense a plan that normally would take pages to describe into a Facebook-friendly length.

I'm on a cyclical ketogenic diet. I modify my plan every 12 weeks, & take 1 week off between plans.

Net 1800cal/day M-F, low-carb high fat. I often have to hit the gym so I can eat dinner :) Protein >1g/lb of lean weight (subtract fat weight from body weight), carbs <30g/day.

3200 cal/day on the weekend, 500g of carbohydrate on Saturday, 250g on Sunday. Protein 1g/lb of lean weight.

Cardio 7 days/week. Started w/15 minutes of moderate walking; now I'm up to 20 minutes of power-walking, and working my way to 45 minutes of jogging or 20 minutes of high-intensity intervals. Depends on the day (lifting day: 20 minutes, non-lifting: 45 minutes).

Weights 4 days/week, heavy as I can, reaching positive failure in 8-12 reps. 6-9 sets per body part, work each part hard only once per week.

Supplementation: Whey protein (50-100g/day), creatine monohydrate (5g/day), men's multivitamin.

Program from . Great site, get the free e-book. Oh, yeah, and I drink lots of water (>1gal/day).

--Matt B.