Total Six-Pack Abs: March 29, 2009 edition

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Mark McManus, the owner of the popular low-carb bodybuilding site,, released today a new edition of his "Total Six-Pack Abs" book. This e-book, priced at around $30 depending on exchange rates, details a step-by-step nutrition and exercise program for achieving six-pack abs.

It's what I followed on my last twelve-week challenge to lose weight and gain muscle mass

There are some pretty major changes between Marks' former edition of Total Six-Pack Abs and today's edition. Some of them are:

  • A substantially changed diet program. TSPA now includes one carb-up day per week, and substantially modified dietary guidelines to accommodate this carb-up without any slow-down in fat loss. The former version was low-carb only, and I look forward to seeing how this targeted, brief carb-up works out for my body.
  • In the previous edition, Mark suggested that the program could be completed with just nutrition, cardio, and ab work. The new edition has an increased focus on resistance training in either a five or three-day split, with detailed workout plans to get even the most detail-obsessed reader moving on a specific, targeted workout plan.
  • Mark includes improved supplementation suggestions, including recent research into Medium-Chain triglycerides (helpful to keep you burning fat when you're at very low body fat levels), multivitamins, and protein.
  • There are now links to current downloadable workout podcasts to help you through the intense cardio and ab routines of the program.
  • More photos.
  • An enhanced recipe section with some of Mark's latest low-carb creations. Pizza, pancakes, stew, fries, and porridge are all within your reach with Mark's new kitchen creations... along with the bodybuilding standby of various meats, eggs, and salads.
  • Mark spends even more time discussing the evils of sugar alcohols, and strongly discourages their use... even in the chewing gum to which I am addicted!
  • As in previous editions, this version of TSPA includes the complete program, from shopping lists to workout splits, diagrams and logs for your progress, updated links to the latest research on strength training and nutrition, equipment recommendations, and a new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to address the most common concerns of a prospective low-carber.

Now, I admit, my overview above may sound a bit fan-boy-ish, and it is. His previous edition of this book helped me get started on my own body transformation and lose twenty-one pounds of fat while gaining six pounds of muscle, and although I'm not yet where I want to be, the new edition targets even better how I want to eat, work out, and reach my fitness goals.

I look forward to continuing my challenge following the new and improved TSPA workout and nutrition strategies. For me, it was totally worth the price for a step-by-step, detail-focused, low-carb guide to achieving the body I want.

Matthew P. Barnson