Hiking National Parks

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This coming week, I and my family will be hiking various national and state parks in and around St. George, UT. Late May is a little bit warm for the activity -- high 80s, low 90s -- but I think it will be fun nonetheless.

For would-be robbers, of course my mother will still be keeping guard at the house :)

Anybody have tidbits about particularly interesting parts of the country in and around St. George or Mesquite, NV to visit?

--Matt B.


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The NPS is the bomb

Wife Unit and I had made it a quasi-crusade to visit as many National Parks as possible. We plan vacations around which National Park we have yet to visit. A couple years ago I thought it would be neat to join the NPS 'club' (forget the name?) in which you receive an official book in which you affix a small medallion each time you visit one of the parks. This is like a passport in which a traveler gets to show off the number of parks visited. We would drive around the country in a rented RV for half a summer and visit as many parks as possible. This will be fun to do when the kids get older.

In answer to your question, Matt, we've only visited the NPS heavyweights in your general area, including Bryce, Zion, and Bandalier.