10th Anniversary of Leaving DC - Mad Props to Weed

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This marks the 10th anniversary of my leaving DC. 10 years ago I moved from the DC area to Nashville, TN to start grad school. Except I didn't make the trek alone. Because the total amount of my personal belongings out-sized the carrying space of the car, which was another in a series of outdated Oldsmobiles that I drove around in my youth, getting all my stuff down to Nashville required two drivers.

Weed volunteered to take off work, and drive down with me, caravan-style, to Nashville. I led the way in a rented truck and Weed followed behind in the clunker. It's not a short drive to Nashville, about 10 hours. We left early in the morning from Fairfax, VA and got to downtown Nashville by sundown.

I wanted to thank Weed, 10 years later, and let him know that his act of generosity is not forgotten. Like most guys, I don't do thank you cards, we just post on the net.


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Hungry Mother State Park

All I remember is Goochville and Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversals ;)

and that little market off of I-40 that we thought we were going to die at. I was just waiting to hear, "You boys ain't from around here, are ya?"

And while I'm proud to have helped you get your MBA, move to MSP, start a business, find a wife, and propagate the species, I'm bummed you're not an hour and half drive away anymore.

My $.02

My $.02