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Last week I started using Google Voice. Way cool. I'm having some early successes with the ease of the interface and the smoothness of releasing a single 10-digit sequence to reach me. All the phones are ringing and I'm starting to group incoming calls.

I'm feeling like I'm not taking full advantage of the service. When I tried to find a user group through google's site I came up empty. So, anybody out there willing to share some tricks of the trade top optimize experience and facility with Google Voice?


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So, can you invite other people to join? Like me?

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Don't Think I Can

Unfortunately, I don't think I have the ability to forward the invite. It's come just to my personal gmail account. I wish there was a way. Maybe other people on the interwebnet reading this can chime in?

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Think There's A Way

Daniel, I think you can submit your email at the Google Voice page and you get a request to join within 48 hours. Someone told me that the invitation phase of Grand Central is over and everybody is now basically signing up.

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My prayers to Google have been answered and I have been found worthy!

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Over the past two months it's become my primary number. I've found it so nice to not give out cell/office/home and just say, 'here's how you call me'. The transcription of voice mails isn't perfect, of course, but emailing the voice mail gives me the ability to read the caller's intent vs. having to scroll through 8 voice mails to get to their call. My phone log gets so jammed during the day that this is a much easier way to manage incoming calls.

The only downer is that texting to the GV number doesn't translate the texter's identity. It comes across as some general number. That's kind of a drag because my texting log doesn't recognize the sender.


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What's the verdict?

Daniel, what's the verdict? You likey?