The Return Of His Rhymeness

weed's picture

It's been too long since I've been too loud
Since I've showed you how to rock the crowd
Movin' the masses with my lyrical wordplay
Wasting your day setting your iPod to replay
My songs over and over and over some more
I invade your ears like you're an aural whore
My name is Weed, the microphone's my bitch
Never smoked up but the names's no glitch
I'm hardy, I'm everywhere and I can't be tamed
I can't be blamed because I can't be shamed
Claiming the crown of lyrical genius
Living the funkiest life, maybe not the cleanest
The Funk & me, nothing comes between us
Except when your girl needs to polish my *radio edit*
A lyrical master but a musical Muggle
Weed to music like a cactus to snuggle
Which is why MC Heb's my ace in the hole
If Weed is the heart, then Heb is the soul
Working his bass like Bob Villa works tools
He's pure grain while your crew is O'Douls
Fools step up and are quickly mastered
Like level 54 on the Robotron blaster
So here's some funk on the Barnson domain
You may not have been warned, but please don't complain
There's no preparation for the DSFT invasion
No need to be scared, no need for evasion
We make you feel good no matter your affiliation
A much better ending than the book of Revelation

Weed's out

P.S. MC Heb, the gauntlet has been dropped...