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What is it with LinkedIn recommendations? They seem so extreme, I have to wonder if a potential hiring manager would give them any credit at all. I've never given one to a colleague because I believe my ability to exaggerate is insufficient. But I'm turning over a new leaf. If any of you need a LinkedIn recommendation, I will happily provide the following (given with Matt as an example):

I have known Matt for many years. Just the awareness of his existence has improved my life. I suspect he is the smartest person alive today. Certainly the best looking. I'm sorry that I ever didn't know Matt--those early years are a painfull fog in comparison to my life after knowing Matt. If you could add John Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Confusius, Buddha, Jesus, Aristotle, William Shakespeare and Socrates into one person, that person would not hold a candle to Matt. If Matt asked me to slit my throat, I would do it--he is that incredible. Just saying his name, "Matt...Matt...Matt" gives me hope and joy. I pray to Matt sometimes, and he grants my desires.


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Ridiculously Extreme

Not only are the recommendations extreme, but the persistent nagging requests for linking to the originator is extreme. I get non-stop emails from originators begging me to join their LinkedIn network. To everyone out there asking me to join their LinkedIn network - I have enough life insurance already. Stop bothering me.

And sometimes, when I whisper the word Matt very quietly to the winds of fortune, I win the lottery and my spleen radiates harmonic bliss and thousands of Eastern European models come leaping out of my rose garden to feed me black olive pizza.