Drupal update 6.15

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Updated Drupal today to version 6.15 from 5.X. No issues at all, it went perfectly. Not entirely sure I want to re-enable all the old modules. But I am sure I want to start writing in this dang thing again. It's been months since I've posted due to some personal reasons. Yet the compulsion to write is hitting me again!


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Nice to see you back

It's nice to see your blog back up and running ~ Hope all is well!

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I just swung through to check things out and--lo and behold--you're thinking about restarting things! It's a sign, man! I was afraid you'd gone all "Facebook" on us or worse, Twitter. Only in the blogosphere can people have sustained, intelligent dialogues.

So, how 'bout that Obamacare???

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Yeah, my main problem with this site right now is fighting off the spammers!

I have a few topics in mind. Will be kicking a few out shortly.

Matthew P. Barnson