The Tramadol Craze

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I've recently begun doing some research into how I can improve traffic to my web site. Yeah, I know, long-term readers would say “Uh, dude, start writing again!” I hear you, and I'm working on it, starting today here & now.

One of the sites discussing driving traffic to blogs mentioned one of the basics is being aware of “hot keywords”, where advertisers pay top dollar for click-through ads. Now, a lot of these, I feel like I'd have to sell my soul to capitalize on them. I'm talking about the ads for cheap viagra & cialis, payday loans, debt consolidation, and Nutrisystem eating plans. Well, OK, Nutrisystem is just a diet plan under the hood – and a well-advertised and above-board one at that – so I guess I'd be OK about that, but the rest seem to be largely the province of people who constantly try to spam my site with comments to try to boost their ad revenue, offshore pharmacy, or extortionate loan scheme.

I feel as if I need a shower just after mentioning those keywords! The people who hawk them online using spammish techniques are just that scummy that I can get second-hand scumminess by just saying the words they try to abuse.

One that stood out to me, though, was the huge number of links for people asking about how to buy a substance called “Tramadol”. I'd never even heard of this stuff before yesterday. So, as usual, I hit the web to do some research and figure out what's going on. Like most things, you can find out the basics from Wikipedia. Tramadol is an analgesic for treating pain. People use it for a wide variety of pain-related therapies. Side effects include nausea, diarrhea, headache, sores, difficulty breathing, seizures, and hallucinations. Why would someone want to take this stuff unless they absolutely needed it for managing pain?

In the description I found the answer that immediately stood out to me amongst the sea of other uses: “Premature Ejaculation”. You see, from long experience being the victim of spammers on the Web, I've learned that there are at least a few people are willing to pay top-dollar for anything that “enhances male performance”. From Viagra to Cialis, and now apparently to Tramadol, men seem to believe that lasting longer in bed, being better endowed, or otherwise enhancing their maleness will get them the babes.

Unfortunately, that these substances will solve the problems in your love life is a lie that the drug companies would like to you to believe.

And this relentless focus on self-medication – particularly, non-prescription self-medication from offshore pharmacies – really bugs the heck out of me. Do you guys have any idea how dangerous it is to try to buy this stuff from the kind of place that would sell it to you without a prescription? If you really need Tramadol to manage your pain, by all means, go see your doctor, have it prescribed in an appropriate dose, and have it filled at a reputable pharmacy. But if you're self-prescribing it to try to last longer in bed, you're taking a huge risk with your life, sanity, and health.

The reality, men, is that if you're really wanting to do well with women, you need to learn how to be the man that woman is really looking for. Working on your level of physical fitness helps make you more appealing – that's a topic for another entry later – as does improving your mental acuity and sense of humor. Most women's needs, though, are not usually for a guy with the biggest muscles or longest schlong. That's a myth perpetuated by the adult film industry, among others. Most are looking for the guy who knows how to meet her emotional needs. A guy who knows how to seduce a woman by appealing to those needs. And usually, those needs aren't what the women say they are. And they aren't what the pharmaceutical companies want you to believe they are, either.

Educate yourself to be the man of her dreams. Don't medicate yourself into oblivion.