Microsoft Windows BSOD involved in Deepwater Horizon disaster

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So it turns out that the worst environmental disaster in US history -- the Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent spill -- may be, in part, due to Microsoft Windows systems crashing.

Now, I'm not going to straight-up blame Windows for this. Traditionally, BSODs (Blue Screens Of Death) are caused by malfunctioning drivers more than a malfunctioning operating system. But at the same time, to learn that the entire fleet routinely disables these Windows systems due to false-positive alerts and crashes is very, very concerning. Since when is Windows the preferred platform for mission-critical, life-saving, and possibly avoiding-the-extermination-of-all-humanity purposes?

Maybe I'm just being hyperbolic here, but give that massive methane explosions have repeatedly killed almost all life on earth before, just because it's a 1-in-55-million chance I wish the engineers writing the software for the failsafe alarms had done a more thorough job.

Humanity killed by bad programming practices.

That would be a bad day.