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So, unless you've been hiding under a facebooky rock, you know that my film (in that I wrote, directed, cut, scored, and financed it) NINJAS VS ZOMBIES is finally out on DVD. Yup.. you can get it on Netflix, buy it from or (or a host of other places - just go to and click the DVD), you can watch it on demand with AMAZON VOD (if you have TiVO I think that is part of the deal), you can see trailers on youtube, read reviews at aintitcool, order our comic book, and basically bathe in NVZ goodness all over the intertubes.

And please do.. cuz it really helps me a lot, even if you just put it in your queue.

That being said.. what a ride. We are currently in post production on the sequel "NINJAS VS VAMPIRES", which is taking a crazy long time. Its a better, more complex film.. but it is WAY harder to make. We've been shooting since May, and ar eabout to go into reshoots in 10 days. (Thats all the time I have to get my sh*t together and get a rough cut assembled). Combine that with the publicity I'm doing on NvZ, and basically I never stop. Its kind of killing me (Although shares in wine and fast food are coincidentally up).

I don't mean to complain. Its an amazing ride.. one that I am really proud of.. but its nearly time for a break. The worst of it is the "business part" - I used to laugh at the "I love the show - hate the business" line. What a load of crap, right? No.. its true.. the distribution stuff is murder. Contract negotiations and occasional shadiness - but also some really cool, honest folks there too. (Our Rep is really down to earth, despite having real Hollywood "ins" - her husband is a main character on a well known TV show).

There are stories I can't tell, wish I could (will one day) - but meantime, clear your Halloween weekend for Ninjas Vs Vampires (probably in Leesburg.. BE THERE) - and grab NvZ on DVD. And drink one for me.. cuz I will likely be having two.