On the wagon again: Day 1

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Like many people, I set New Years Resolutions this year. One of my primary ones is to lose the weight I've put on since August of 2009.

Those who've been around a while know that for about two years (2007-2009) I was really into health & fitness. I worked out at the gym every day, lost about thirty pounds, and felt great. Unfortunately, January through August of 2009 I lived through the most painful time ever in my life, and it became increasingly difficult to motivate myself to keep working out and staying healthy in the face of my overwhelming depression. By September, I'd fallen off the wagon completely, and had actually developed an aversion to the gym.

I stand today having gained all that weight back, plus a bit more.

So this morning I'm starting over. Every morning I'm taking photos, with the goal of creating a one-year composite video of my transformation. I'm also taking daily measurements, and critical to my goal is to record every bite of food I eat, even on my planned days off.

I know from experience that in one year I can drop a lot of weight. I can also put on a lot of muscle. I have the gym equipment in the basement that I picked up last year -- thus avoiding the gym aversion -- and I'm pretending I'm a weightlifting newbie again: just the bar, please, to start off, and I'll work my way up from there.

I have created a Google Spreadsheet to track my macro-nutrients, weight, and fat percentages. It's very helpful to me to have this kind of exacting statistics-tracking; it keeps me motivated.

I found last time that following the programs from Musclehack.com | The Home of Muscle Growth helped me a lot. Mark has several sensible, carbohydrate-restricted eating programs and a muscle-building program that helped me pack on fifteen pounds of muscle in a pretty short time last time around. I'll be giving that a try again.

Wish me luck!

(I'm working on making the photos easy to post. Gotta do a few tweaks to the web site.)


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Game on...

Glad to hear you are attacking this again & I wish you all the best with your challenge. I am in the same situation with my weight, but have never found the solution to getting things back under control.

Wishing the best for ya!

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The solution

The solution for me before has been diligent, daily tracking of calories and a weigh-in every morning. If I do that, I become aware of trends quickly and correct them in short order.

The main problem has been when I get discouraged or fall off my daily diligence. Then twenty, thirty, or even forty pounds can sneak up on me!

Matthew P. Barnson