Weight loss Day 2 & Updates

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So last night my family & I went to see "Megamind" at the local dollar theater together. With a total of 6 in our family, it's really the only way to go out to a movie affordably. The only cheap theater in our part of the valley is Cinemark Sandy Movies 9. Like most such theaters, they only get the movies very late in the theatrical run. Sometimes they get them after they've already come out on video! But there is definitely something about seeing the movie on a big-screen outside the home that is a special experience that the kids remember.

I weighed the pros and cons of the theater:

* Cheap! From $0.75 apiece for a group of 3 or more on a Monday night or $1.00 for the first matinee of the day, up to $3.50 or so on a weekend night for a 3D feature.
* Big screens.
* The 3D glasses are the disposable type that are brand-new in sanitary bags, rather than the nasty re-used covered-in-popcorn-grease types used at some other local theaters.

* Usually out on video by the time it shows up in the dollar theater.
* The parking lot layout is terrible.
* The sound is mediocre.
* The seats are pretty bad.
* The bathrooms are small, and the urinals are packed very closely together without privacy partitions... and are all kid-height.
* More & longer previews than other local theaters.
* Shows sell out quickly, and unless you buy online (paying an extra $1 per seat), you're stuck waiting in line outside to get a ticket.
* Their online listings with Flixster and other services only show up on weekends.
* Trying to get showtimes from their FANDANGO-based telephone number is an exercise in listening through advertisement after advertisement while getting nowhere.

That said... the pros outweigh the cons for a big family outing!

This is Day 2 of my ongoing weight-loss efforts. I've updated my Google Spreadsheet with today's weigh-in. No real change from yesterday, but I also cheated in the evening and ate some candy at the theater. It will be neat to watch the trends fall out of the spreadsheet as I keep updating my daily weight & fat percentage.

This morning, I created a recipe on livestrong.com for "glop", a popular breakfast at my house featuring lots of cinnamony goodness. Turns out a serving is just under 300 calories, has a decent amount of protein, and is tasty to boot. Who knew something so great-tasting could actually be reasonably healthful?