Back on the wagon: Day 3

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So here I am at Day 3 of my current fat-loss saga. Plus factors: just changing my eating habits already deducted about four pounds from my frame. Minus side: it's mostly four pounds of "lean" according to my fat-monitoring scale. Which means it's glycogen storage in my muscles & liver. But hey, at least I'm going from super-saturating my body to slightly depriving it, which is good news for insulin resistance among other things.

Current weight: 246.8lbs, 30.8% body fat.

Got my account updated over at so that I'm a full moderator now. Which is pretty cool, because spam was becoming pretty nasty over there!

Not a lot of spare time today, as I have a very busy day at work, but I made a goal to myself to update every day. So here I am.