Has America just been the 'Mark' in the biggest con game in history?

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Okay, this is likely to be a bit contentuous and maybe even scandalous, but I have been doing an enormous amount of research and starting to wonder about a great many things. The first one is:

did we miss something REALLY big with our response to 9/11? were Americans played as complete suckers and we took the bait? were we utterly outsmarted at every turn by the people we were fighting?

This is not about nebulous CIA scandals. America has a WELL known history for interfering in local squabbles.

fact: prior to 9/11, Iraq was fighting an absolutely brutal war with Afghanistan and Iran. Afghanistan asked for assistance,but the most recent time we 'helped' a country in the middle east, was to help Hussein and Jerusalem, Afghanistan's enemies. We refused to help Afghanistan repeatedly because of their religion or social values, and the collapse of the soviet union left them in a desperate plight with both internal and external fighting and no funds or weapons to defend themselves.

fact: Saddam was employing chemical weapons to make vicious indiscriminate strikes against afghanistan. America (and several other countries) were just sitting around placidly waiting for 'the middle east to destroy itself'

fact: terrorists cannot POSSIBLY be stupid enough to think that hitting the world trade center would NOT result in a massive, overwhelming strike, from the most powerful military on earth.

fact: terrorism was slightly funded, but definitely condoned by the afghan government. why?

If you look at it from the perspective of the 'mouse that roared', and assume that the terrorists and the government that supported them might NOT be the dumbest people on the planet (centuries of warfare tends to leave only the smartest military minds and brightest tacticians alive... lesser warriors are quickly cannon fodder) then,from an evolutionary standpoint, there almost HAD to be a bright mind behind the attacks somewhere. Look at all the attacks... They were specifically focussed at countries that were militarily or socially powerful. the exact countries you would NOT want to piss off, the ones you would COURT if you owned a small military dictatorship, because they were the ones that could destroy your country.

conclusion: perhaps the terrorists (who were originally created to strike at iran and iraq) WANTED Afghanistan invaded, by ethical people. (or at least people with ethics they could work with) and with a history of demanding 'religious freedom' which would almost ensure that both Islam and Afghanistan continued to exist within the region. They might lose the right to perform a few customary functions that the westerners found repugnant and even a large part of their own population had agreed should stop, but their underlying belief system and self-determinism would remain largely untouched.

conclusion: is it possible that the terrorists, instead of being crazy desert tribesmen screaming about a religious jihad, were actually in some weird way HEROES? They knew full well that the US would hunt them down and kill them... did they give their lives to ensure that Afghanistan would be invaded, followed by Iraq, and protected by the full power of the US military thereafter?

fact: less than 3000 american soldiers died due to enemy action in the afghan desert before 2008. as anyone who has seen 'zulu dawn' can attest, an angry indigenous population could have done FAR more damage to an invading enemy.

Conclusion: It's almost as if the men of afghanistan, in order to keep their people alive and Independent, were only striking hard enough to keep american soldiers on the alert, and to keep them THERE and defending afghan (and now Iraqi) soil. since 2008 only a handful of americans have been killed, and even when american contractors were being beheaded (a visually striking and rage-inducing act) it would fit right in with a scheme to keep the americans alert and available right up until the warring was finally put down. They had to know exactly how we screwed up Vietnam, and the fact that they had to keep up the outrage to keep us from withdrawing early and failing in our part of the brilliant plan.

is it possible that all of the things that have been happening is part of a brilliantly concocted coup, a way that some men found to bring the middle east into the 21st century despite the opposition of hidebound and traditionalist governments that were fighting fiercely to maintain the primitive bullhockey that has held the middle east back from global power, turning the entire region into nothing more than an oil farm for greedy superpowers?

is it a coincidence that all of this started happening just as the west was starting to finally turn away from fossil fuels, but while there was still enough attention and money there to make the region still worth fighting for?

I am torn...I mean, really torn. while I utterly hate the tactics used by terrorists, all of them seem to have been carefully tuned to cause the maximum visual outrage with a minimum of actual loss of life. No target smaller than the world trade center, in one of the busiest and powerful cities on earth, would have had enough impact to cause the overwhelming response... the response that was NEEDED to turn the middle east from the sink hole of the world that it was into a stage that held the attention of the world.

I hate this... I mean I hate them, but i have this weird feeling of.... awe? respect? Have we just been the instrument of the biggest con game on the PLANET? the tool used to finally bring world peace and prosperity? It staggers the imagination that the ones to bring about a final mideast prosperity might, in fact, be the same 'barbaric camel-riding rags' we have been disdaining for Decades... Did they pull the ultimate suicidal yet ultimately brave and genius version of 'the watchmen'?

I mean, even the broadcasts about 'religious jihads' against America and 'overwhelming the world by breeding good muslims' were EXACTLY the sort of thing that fits right into a scheme of breeding enough terror and fear to cause the kind of overwhelming response we provided.

man, I think my mind and my world just broke in half.


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Important tip: never make

Important tip:

never make 'revelations' posts at 3am when you haven't slept in 2 days.

-Democracy: founded on the principal that 1000 people are automatically smarter than any one person. Excuse me?
-Dictatorship: founded on the principal that one person is automatically smarter than any thousand people. Come again?