What's on your Pandora?

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What's on your Pandora? Here's mine.

Let's see... on my list:
* Breaking Benjamin.
* 80's Dance Parties. When you just didn't get enough of "The Wedding Singer".
* Barry White Radio. Bow-chicka-bow-wow. But I think Barry may be lost on anyone younger than 30...
* BT Radio. Sweet techno tunes.
* Celtic Woman Radio. White folks singing about white women stuff in the Old Country.
* Club / Dance. Black folks rapping about black people stuff in the city.
* Daughtry Radio. When you just don't have enough Nickelback clones in your rotation.
* Dream Theater Radio. When 7/8 time just isn't cool enough to listen to anymore.
* Enya Radio. Yeah. I'm a wuss.
* Hot Chocolate Radio. See Barry White Radio.
* Jim Brickman Radio. Relaxing piano tunes. A bizarre amount of Mormon hymns played on a piano show up on this station for some reason.
* John Mayer Radio (which has a LOT of crossover to Michael Buble radio for some reason...)
* Linkin Park Radio. In The End, When They Come For Me, The Fallout from What I've Done is Burning In The Skies.
* Lord of the Rings Radio (when I want some epic orchestral soundtracks!)
* The Rippingtons Radio (Weather Channel Music. Don't ask.)
* Salsa Radio. Andale!
* The Stars And Stripes Forever Radio. I use this once a year: at my club's annual model airplane show.
* Techno. Because "thumpa-thumpa" music with few or repetitive lyrics makes it easier for me to think.
* Today's Hits Radio. Top 40.

Hope that gives you some variety!


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Big fan of TWC music

I'm a big fan of The Weather Channel music. For some reason adult contemp jazz still appeals.

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I call BS

You just like checking out the Weather Channel chicks. And it must be quite the lively set there at TWC, since the weather women are always pregnant.

And they got rid of that guy.

My $.02

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In related news...

In related news, we got tickets for the Jazz Festival here in Salt Lake City in July. Last year we saw the Rippingtons live (TWC licensed the Rippingtons collection for their music), and they were awesome.

Matthew P. Barnson