Bological determinism and self-control

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Yet another interesting article with relatively reliable citations crept up.
It presents an interesting parallel between how well you process glucose and self-control. When researching ways to maintain stable glucose levels. I constantly kept coming across the same information:

overweight strongly implies unbalanced glucose levels. Increasing your glucose stability involves regular exercise, eating a diet low in sugar and avoiding 'crap' carbohydrates like potato chips and soda pop that dramatically increase your blood sugar level and create a huge rush of insulin to fight it... the 'post sugar depression' of low blood sugar leads to immediate difficulty in self-control, which encourages you to replace those sugars immediately with more crap carbs and sugars.

It makes you wonder if America's plague of obesity is directly related to the seeming inability to make responsible decisions.


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First you get fat, then you get hungry

Once America comes to grip with this one fact, we will reverse obesity and trace it to its causes:

"We are eating too much because we are getting fat."

This is the way it works. What you eat controls hormonal balances in your body. If you eat things that upset the hormonal balance or cause inflammation, your body begins storing fat instead of providing nutrients to your muscles and organs, and you get hungry. So you eat more.

Control what you eat, and you'll control how much you eat. The bloody Food Pyramid was simply a marketing coup for agriculture. Permanently eliminate all grains, milk, and sugar from your diet, and you will lose weight. Additionally reduce fruit intake once your weight stabilizes again, and your weight loss will resume. Reduce starchy vegetables in your diet once you plateau, and watch the weight continue to peel off.

At the end of it all, you'll be eating fresh meats, eggs, fish, poultry, lots of green, leafy vegetables, and an occasional tuber or piece of fruit. Nothing that comes out of a box with a shelf life. And you'll be a healthy weight and feeling great.

Matthew P. Barnson

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Another tidbit of advice

I read this somewhere, maybe from the Adkin's diet book, but it holds true:

Shop the edges of the supermarket, and don't buy from the aisles. Fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, breads are all on the outside. Sugars, starches, and cheap carbs are on the inside.

My $.02

My $.02