Veteran's Day: Fears For The New Civil War

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Today, like each Veteran's Day for the past several years, I am grateful for veterans who have defended our country. Even those on both sides of the conflict dating back to 1860, when the Confederate states illegally seceded, roused others to support their secession due to the election of an unpopular President (Abraham Lincoln), then took violent action at Fort Sumter to spark the Civil War.

I pray the extremists of today do not attempt to repeat the failed effort of the Confederacy once again.

I've recently been researching social, economic, governmental, and other historic developments leading up to conflicts within the United States and other civilizations, specifically the Civil War, WW1, and WW2. Our country's history is very unique in some ways. For instance, it's the first secular government based on enlightenment principles to survive as more than a solitary nation-state of roughly the size of a city. But starting with the Civil Rights Movement up to a peak with the re-election of the nation's first Black president, the country seems to be on a track towards the same kind of fundamental, ideological, extremist disagreement that fueled the Civil War but started forty years earlier.

Lincoln was not even on the ballot of ten states due to lack of support, yet won anyway. His election on a platform positioned to oppose the Conservative platform of Southern Democrats was extremely divisive, and conservatives in the South saw Lincoln's election as an assault upon their sovereignty, their dignity, and their way of life. Secessions began even before his inauguration as a result of policies that ultimately would unite the nation, but not before a terrible cost of lives.

We ignore the lessons of history to our peril. My chief political concern today is what seems to be the pending inevitable loss of life squandered in an ideological conflict within the United States unless the impact of extremist factions can be mitigated. The gulf of understanding is deepening, making it extremely difficult to maintain a position as a moderate in today's political climate.

The voting alignment of the most-recent election along almost purely racial divisions is alarming and dangerous to the health of the country. Romney lost due to a seemingly-inevitable decline of his primary voting bloc: non-Hispanic ethnic whites, both males and females. Unless we do something FAST to come to some kind of New Middle, we're going to see a new revolution along such racial and loosely geographic lines within our lifetimes due to this decline of influence.

Just like the South as the Union expanded from 1840 to 1860.