Who are the Secessionists?

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This morning, I decided to sit down and analyze some statistics, and from them I arrived at a hypothesis that I still need to validate. What do you think?

If you look at the statistics, as of 2012 the median household income is RISING in the USA, and in fact is at the highest levels in history in inflation-adjusted dollars. It's easy to see where the money is coming from if you analyze income over time by gender, race, and education. The overall national economy is not a zero-sum game (the US economy overall is expanding without taking away from other economies; in fact, economies world-wide are expanding, too) but wages within the total at any given time appear to be a zero-sum game.

Hispanics and Blacks are increasing in income, while Asians and Whites are decreasing. Women are increasing in income, while Men are decreasing. Pay for those with at least an Associate's Degree is increasing, while for those with less it is decreasing; more women than men are getting those degrees, and Hispanics and Blacks are increasing their share of degrees while Whites are decreasing their share.

Therefore, if you are a white man with less than an Associate's Degree -- a really, really gigantic block of voters! -- you've probably experienced a profound negative shift in your socioeconomic status over the past decade. From this point of view, Barack Obama is a nightmare for America, accelerating this shift, and representing the "evil" that is destroying a way of life.

From my perspective, there's a simple -- but not easy -- cure. Get an education and get on-board the gravy train of the "knowledge economy" that is at the heart of America's current economic domination of the planet.

But it seems to be more popular to rail at perceived injustice than to improve one's own situation.