Calling Out

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My middle daughter, Sydney, age 7, was being bullied in her new class. She responded by writing a song called Believe In Yourself. She wrote the lyrics and melody all by herself.

I found it catchy enough that I came up with some chords.

I liked that enough that I bought a bass for my wife and a drum set for my oldest son. Then we formed a band, Calling Out. That was five months ago.

Last week we performed Believe In Yourself on the local high school stage, in front of a mosh pit of elementary school girls. I posted it on Facebook, but since I'm not sure the crew are all connected to me there, I wanted to post it here as well.

My kids really want to reach 500 views (modest, right?), so if you like it, don't be shy about sharing it.

Believe In Yourself


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Viewed and passed on

Dan, right after you originally posted I not only viewed and liked but also passed on to a friend who works tirelessly in the school systems presenting anti-bullying dramas.

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Thanks for sharing!

Thanks a lot! I did see your like. I wished I lived on your block during this process--whether it was buying the bass, buying the synth, considering proper amplification, etc. I kept thinking, "I bet Sam could be really helpful with this."

I may start posting more of such questions here in the future.