Trump revokes Washington Post's campaign press credentials

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So I have to post you. I’m no Trump supporter but I did happen to hit the WP yesterday when the headline “Donald Trump suggests President Obama was involved with Orlando shooting” was live.

I was way shocked. I couldn’t believe that to be true. So I went to view Trump’s speech and nowhere did Trump say, at all, that Obama was involved with the Orlando shooting.

Of course I don’t condone revoking press credentials. But I do observe how for the past several months the WP has been unusually harsh and increasingly biased towards and against Trump. The WP has gone from reporting the news to reporting their bias. My guess is the WP is doing this out of some internal crusade to protect journalism and defy those who would curtail a free press.

But that’s not the point of my posting you. The point is that I feel neither WP nor the Trump campaign realize how this continued siege of negative reporting HELPS Trump. I feel there are many people out there, the DC-dislikers, who consider the negative reporting to be coming from a source representative of a congressional institution they want to change. To these DC-dislikers, the WP is mainstream and legacy media feeding their enmity. The more negative the reports against Trump the more the DC-dislikers dig their heels into their minds and become more aligned with Trump. It's a strange and warped psychological situation.

And basically I see two mistakes. I see the editorial mistake of the WP failing to report activity and static detail, almost allowing the aggressive virility of the late Hunter Thompson to seep into their writing. And I see the tactical mistake of the Trump campaign assessing a negative coercion power legacy media believes it still wields.