Wayward Sun - the later years

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The Magnanimous Matthew B was kind enough to donate some valuable barnson.org bandwidth so that I could put up some of the later Wayward Sun tracks for public consumption. Enjoy!

No Further Questions

(CD, recorded January 1995, Studio 508, Baltimore MD)

  • Destination: Nowhere (Sam/Ben) - This song was a chance for Sam & I to rail against the expectations of our parents and society and everyone who thought we should "make something" of ourselves. And a chance to rock out in the process. (mp3, streaming)
  • Afterlife (Ben/Katy) - Originally from The Right of Way, this was a song I wrote in high school (my sister Katy wrote the second verse). I really don't have a clue what it means, but it's still one of my favorites. I much prefer the CD recording of this one to the original - the real piano adds so much depth. (mp3, streaming)
  • Waterfall (Ben) - Rock epic! In my further attempts to break the 8-minute barrier, this tune reaches incredibly self-indulgent lengths, but still turns out well, mainly due to the services of the Horns of Terror. (mp3, streaming)
  • Chica's Rag (I'll Put My Love In You) (Sam/Ben/Matt/Kevin) - As Matt mentioned in his liner notes to The Right of Way, this tune was the result of a late night jam session in my parents' basement. I've never been happy with the CD version - I always thought that Kevin went overboard on the auxiliary percussion, and I don't think the final mix is especially good. Your results may vary. (mp3, streaming)
  • All Over Again (Matt) - One of my favorite Matt tunes. We really could've brought about the resurgence of the power ballad with this one. Magical moment: that perfect bit of feedback on the guitar in the beginning of the second verse was a complete accident. Somehow it's perfectly in key. (mp3, streaming)
  • One Man (The Road to Forever) (Matt) - Another Barnson classic. I know I couldn't do it justice, but I loved being able to record this song again. I play the piano and the guitar on this one, but not being as talented a tapper as Matt, Sam had to sit next to me during the recording session and dampen all the other strings while I was recording the track. (mp3, streaming)
  • Breathless (Sam) - A Sammy G gem. The recording of this track is so tight, Sam's vocals so warm - if this song doesn't get you laid, there's something wrong with you. (mp3, streaming)
  • The Big Picture (Ben) - Me being deep. There's a number of things I would change about this track if I had the chance to do it over (mostly having to do with the awkward ending), but overall I'm pretty pleased how it turned out. (mp3, streaming)
  • Bad In Practice (Sam) - This song began life as "Sixth Sense", a song that some our fans thought was crude even by our standards. Sammy went back and re-worked the lyrics, and the song morphed from a diatribe about fat chicks and transsexuals to a diatribe about consumer culture and the dumbing down of modern America. (mp3, streaming)

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(A fancy way of saying that these are tracks we recorded in Ed's basement in the fall of 1995)

  • Goes Around Comes Around (Sam/Ed) - Never ones to take criticism well, this song is an outright attack against a music reviewer for the UMBC Retriever who described one of our songs as "the kind of lyrics used to seduce 13-year-old girls." The result is a really fun song, and the most difficult rhythm guitar work I ever had to do. (mp3, streaming)
  • Hamlet In My Mind (Ben) - Perhaps the best song I ever wrote, at least if you ask my family. I wrote this during my junior year of college, when I was already starting to get tired of all the crap that comes with college. For some reason, my dad thinks it's about suicide. (mp3, streaming)
  • Jane (Ben/Sam) - Ah Jane. Dani's college roommate, 6 feet tall, gorgeous, English. She came to us one day and said that all of the songs called Jane (Foreigner, Jane's Addiction, etc.) sucked, and that we should write a song for her. So we did. I banged out the music (complete with the idiotic semi-classical instrumental break), and Sam and I wrote the lyrics. On a side note, Jane is getting married this summer and is thinking about opening a boutique. (mp3, streaming)
  • Order of the First Verse (Sam/Ed/Ben) - Wayward Sun's attempt at Art Rock. I think Sam and I were listening to too much Kansas at the time, and the result was this amalgamation of time signatures and nonsense lyrics. Unfortunately, this recording was the first time we played it, so it's a little rocky. I'll have to see if I can dig around for a good live recording. The title, by the way, comes from the fact that Sam and I wrote a series of completely unrelated verses, and we decided that it was completely arbitrary which verse should go first, and which order the subsequent verses should go in - hence "order of the first verse". (mp3, streaming)
  • Shadows on the Wall (Ben/Katy) - At Matt's request, here's a recording of this song. My sister helped me with some of the verses, which explains the paranoic, stalker quality of the lyrics (she's especially good at those). When it comes down to it, this song just plain doesn't work -- the original recording (which I've lost) had this weird break in the middle, which we tried to cut in this recording, and the result just sounds awkward. It has its moments tho. (mp3, streaming)
  • Leave the Past Behind (Ben/Katy) - Originally on Don't Try This At Home, this song turned out to work really well live, although we only got to perform it a few times. The outro is totally worth it. Don't ask me what it's about, because I don't know. (mp3, streaming)
  • Compulsive Fire (Sam/Ben) - Two recordings for the price of one! We pulled this Right of Way track out of the stacks for one more go-around, and found that it held up pretty well! First is a recording done the same time as all the rest (mp3, streaming), and the second is a later recording we did using an electronic drumset that Kevin had borrowed from a music store at which he was employed at the time - very cool. (mp3, streaming)
  • Worlds Collide (Sam/Ben) - The last Sam/Ben collaboration. I remember writing this song in Sam's Virginia apartment - he'd been working on some lyrics and I'd been working on a chord progression, and we just shoved them together. I've always been fond of this song, and although it's not the best recording (the electronic drums don't sound as cool on this one as they did on Compulsive Fire), it's still a good indicator of what a good song this is. (mp3, streaming)

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Live at the End of the Edge

(Live concert as part of UMBC's "End of the Edge" concert series, recorded April 30, 1996)

  • Come and Get It (Sam/Ben) - This is the song with "the type of lyrics used to seduce 13-year-old girls", and doggone if it didn't work! I mean, uh... Anyway, I think it's a pretty mature look into the power struggles of sexual relationships, but that's just me. (Note: Due to stupidity on my part, there's about 16 seconds of empty space before the song actually starts.) (mp3, streaming)
  • Back to Basics (Sam) - Written in the summer of 1994, this tune was written by Sammy for his then-girlfriend Noel, who at the time was on a choir tour of Europe (with me). A straightforward pop song, this tune was always a big crowd pleaser. (mp3, streaming)
  • Dirty Shoe Funk (Sam/Ben/Ed) - No self-respecting band can consider its repertoire complete without a booty-kicking funk instrumental! Based on a funky bass riff by Sam, this tune grew into one of our most popular offerings. A nice touch in this recording was that I got to play on a vintage Hammond organ. (mp3, streaming)
  • Seasons Change (Ben) - This is the last pop tune I wrote. It's a wistful piece about how change is eternal, and yet everything comes full circle in the end (a point well illustrated by the fact that 15 years later, we're all chatting). (mp3, streaming)
  • Famous Band/A Day That Ends In Y (Sam) - These remain two of my favorite WS tracks. Famous Band is a semi-comical look at our own dreams, while A Day That Ends In Y is about the mundanity and boredom that ultimately creep into any serious relationship. Pay close attention to my awesome bass-guitar work. ;) (mp3, streaming)
  • Spoken Echoes (Sam/Katy) - Sam took an old poem of my sister's and created this atmospheric tune. It's anyone's guess what it's about. I remember Kevin throwing a fit when we suggested using a drum machine for the beginning of this tune. Temper! (mp3, streaming)
  • Hoped to Be (Sam/Ben) - A collaboration from Don't Try This At Home, it was nice to get to do this live - I think it's the only time we ever did. I remember cowriting the lyrics with Sam at my mother's house, trying to fit words around the complicated internal rhyme scheme we'd worked out. Again, Sammy on piano, me on the bass. (mp3, streaming)
  • I Will Wait For You (Kevin) - A WS switcheroo! Kevin on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, me on the bass, Sammy on drums. This was a happy little tune about whoever Kevin happened to be dating at the time. (Note: Due to the recording engineers running out of tape, this song fades out about halfway through.) (mp3, streaming)

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Sammy G's picture

You rock!

Thanks for throwing these up!

"Live At The End of the Edge" is my favorite WS gig. It was great to play for a packed studio where everyone was attentive to the songwriting and the intra-personal dynamics of the band. Plus, if I recall, you can hear Weed yelling at us during song breaks. Classic. We should have gone through and released this in album format with packaging and artwork...

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<cough> Where's "Jennifer"?


Matthew P. Barnson

Matthew P. Barnson

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The fate of Jennifer

Certain tracks were removed to protect the innocent.

Seriously tho, the reason I had all these tracks in mp3 format was that I ripped them to be playable in my mp3 player (a cheap iPod knockoff), and I didn't think I'd ever need to listen to "Jennifer" or "Lullaby for Kim" (sorry Sam