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I've just added the Annotations, Title, Trackback, and htmltidy modules. Here's what they do and why I'm using them:

  • Annotations: This module enables pop-up descriptions of text items to be added by users. This is compelling for my vision of the Annotated Bugzilla Guide. In-Place annotations, instead of after-the-article comments, can be a very powerful tool. Comments by themselves are great, too!
  • Title: This module allows one to link to other nodes by the title of the node, rather than node number. This can be very useful in migrating the Guide over, because as we go through subsequent revisions, node numbers are guaranteed to change, and it's proving very painful to convert all the links within the document to this alternative presentation method.
  • Trackback: OK, this is purely for the geek factor. It allows me to send Trackback notifications to other blogs, and receive them as well. I just dig the functionality, and initially fell in love with it using Movable Type a few months ago. Now that the HD crashed that held my old Movable Type install, and I'm on Drupal, I missed it.
  • htmltidy: Another "geek factor" toy. This one cleans up the HTML and gives warnings to the reader if the HTML is broken. I just like keeping things W3C-compliant wherever possible to keep the display clean. If you're using IE, you've probably already noticed that in the title bar has a black background due to being a transparent PNG; I'd like to avoid as many cross-browser issues as possible.

Dang, I write a lot of nothing.