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Ok I know there is computer geeks galore here, so tell me, what internet browser is best for the windows xp platform and why.



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mozilla firefox

mozilla firefox


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I second Justin's opinion. Mozilla Firefox is now the most competent browser on the planet, no questions asked.

I think the only difficulty some people have is that you need to re-install Flash and Shockwave if you visit sites that use those. But combining pop-up blocking built into the browser, tabbed browsing (REALLY nice for people like me who would otherwise have 4-10 browser windows open at a time), middle-click to open a link in a new tab, automatic file download and resumption to a directory you specify, much faster rendering of transparent .gif or .png files, superb standards compliance... the list goes on and on.

Internet Explorer has had nearly zero new development in almost three years. Microsoft used it as a loss leader to kill their only viable competition for the predominant web client, Netscape. Now from the ashes of Netscape arises Firefox, an open-source web browser that, with several thousand active developers registered with the Mozilla foundation, is receiving enormous amounts of attention.

If you're on Mac, you can't go wrong with Safari. Built on Konqueror, from the KDE project, it's fast, lightweight, and also very standards-compliant.

There are a lot of other browsers that use Firefox as a base. On Windows, your only other choice in a mainstream, non-niche browser is probably Opera. Many people swear by it; you can try it out for free, but to get one unencumbered with advertisements, you must purchase it. It also is fast, lightweight, and less crash-prone than IE or Firefox.

Once you grow accustomed to Firefox, though, there's really no going back. IE becomes a burden to deal with. I only use IE for things that absolutely require it in order to work properly, and I usually email web site owners to let them know their site is broken if it doesn't work in Firefox.

Matthew P. Barnson

Matthew P. Barnson