1 AM, Bugzilla Docs Progress, time to sleep

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I realize nobody's reading this again yet, except for a few lonely search engines casting about for interesting stuff late at night. I've spent the last several hours working on my Bugzilla documentation conversion. It's not as easy as it looks! I'm trying to model it after the way php.net does their annotated docs, but Drupal uses a totally different type of organization than I'm used to dealing with. Drupal assigns each node an "id", which is really just a number. It makes it so that a particular node never changes its reference (which is really convenient for links sticking around forever-ish), but Bugzilla and other documentation is orgnanized around a heirarchy of pages.

It's a real bear to figure out, I assure you. It's looking more and more like I should go ahead and do the reorganization work on the docs first and then put them up as editable nodes. Or else, actually put up the docs in their original, Docbook XML format, and run them through a custom converter which I'd end up writing so that they would format correctly in the Bugzilla tarball as well as on this site.

What fun! I'll be chewing on this problem much of tomorrow while I drive up to Idaho with my family. I'll try to enter a blog or two while I'm there.


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so did a lot of people
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