Heading to Idaho, musings on priorities

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So I'm heading to Idaho to hang out with my in-laws in a few hours. The usual weekend routine is that we pull in some time around 11 PM (it's 5 hours from home to there), unpack, sit around and talk until 2 AM, and then go to sleep. Well, usually, it's my wife Christy that stays up and talks till 2 AM; I'm usually sacked out in a sleeping back upstairs in the over-garage family room by 17 minutes after we walk in.

Anyway, that may change a little bit this time. Christy's planning on driving there, and I plan on hacking Drupal and my Docbook stuff on the trip up if we can. Before we left on our Spring Break vacation last week, we purchased a 75-watt power inverter for our car lighter so that we can use the laptop as long as we like. It was a life-saver on the trip up to Klamath Falls, Oregon, which is a 13-hour drive from our home in Tooele, Utah.

If I can manage to make dialup work while I'm up there (Sisna is a nationwide provider, thank goodness!), I'll update the site with code and Guide-Goodness. If not, well, I'll be back Sunday anyway. In case any of you ever need to access a local SISNA phone number while you're near Idaho Falls or Rexburg, Idaho, here's the info:


Points to ponder while I'm gone:

  • Do I really need a new computer for home-studio recording? My 933MHz does OK, but I can't enable as many real-time effects as I'd like, and playback skips once I'm running about 12-13 stereo 16-bit, 44.1KHz tracks. A dual-processor rig with a ton of RAM would be nice, but pricey. And am I going to spend time recording or playing games? Or even hacking PHP, which I can do on my ancient Vaio 300MHz laptop?
  • I'm spread a bit thin with family duties, job (that it's tough to get motivated for, knowing they are just planning on closing the place down anyway), and my hobbies (mostly hacking together web stuff and recording music). If I spend my evenings recording music, then dishes & laundry don't get done and I go arond smelling funny with a sink full of dishes and a not-entirely-happy spouse. If I don't record or hack, I feel as if I've lost a hand and am not using my natural talents to their utmost ability. Maybe I can cut down on recording to twice a week, or otherwise just do two or three chores when I get home, stay up for only an hour to record or hack, then exercise and go to bed.
  • Though there's not enough time in the day, I really need to allocate one hour for exercise every day. I'd planned on finding that time first thing in the morning, but recording, programming, or hacking keeps me up until late in the night. And seeing that it takes me 45 minutes or so to get into the "groove" with a project, only spending an hour a night seems a waste of time as well.

Maybe I'll just go back to the way I did it when I was growing up: head out to the studio in some out-of-the-way place three times a year for a 3-day weekend of 24-hour recording. You can produce an album in a year that way. Admittedly, the quality will suck because you can't spend enough time on each track, but at least you'll get it done.

Here's hoping.