One Man: Prerelease!

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OK, folks, early reviews are in, and although the song is not finished, they are highly favorable. So I figure I'll throw this over the wall. Click "Read More" to get the full blog and the download link for this tune. Best work I've ever done. But still not Garageband-ready.

"One Man" is a song with many lives. At the age of 17, I was conflicted, coming out of the other side of my mom's divorce, and had just spent a week having my head filled with Latter-Day Saint philosophy at a summer youth camp called EFY, or "Especially For Youth". I knew that I needed to choose something; rootless existence wasn't for me. I figured the whole Jesus thing was just a man who's reputation had grown with time, and pictured myself in his role, wondering what he'd think about about all the hullabaloo raised in his name.

Around this time, I received an out-of-the-blue phone call from a girl named Jenny. In 1973 when we'd both been born, Jennifer was an incredibly popular name. Anyway, I'd known her all through my elementary years, up through the middle of sixth grade. Some of our neighbors were murdered (not close, about half a mile away), and that was the final straw; my parents decided to move to a safer neighborhood. Jenny said she'd always wondered where I'd gone to, and then one day looked up my last name. We were the only "Barnson" in the phone book for the D.C. area, so she took a chance and called.

Jenny was sincerely pacifistic and outspoken; this was a perspective with which I was unfamiliar and intrigued. The desire to write One Man came out of my newfound hope that there was some reality to this whole religion thing, and to impress this girl with how sensitive I was, writing about a "man of emotion" and that violence need no longer be a fundamental underpinning of man's existence. So, as in most things, the good story always starts with the girl.

This is the third recording of One Man ever released. The first one was on the Wayward Sun tape, "The Right of Way", released ca. 1990. The second edition, recorded around 1993, was done while I was serving a mission for the LDS church, on the album "No Further ?" (No Further Questions). I was, and am, dissatisfied with both of those recordings, mostly for technical reasons.

This new version is *almost* where I want it to be, and barring several mistakes and orchestration that's not entirely there yet, I am satisfied with how it's come out. It represents several hundred hours of effort as I re-acquainted myself with recording techniques, Cakewalk Sonar, and made two false starts which consumed their own massive share of time. (hint: it's a really good idea to back up the music folders on your hard drive.)

Acknowledgements: Justin Timpane sings much of the lead vocal on this tune.

Special Thanks: Sam Graber, Ben Schuman, Kevin Graham, and Ed Copeland, who made some modifications to the tune that I've incorporated into my vision.

Without further ado:

download and play One Man.

If you have troubles with the above link, right-click it and "save target as", then play it from your hard drive. Some ancient sound cards and software have trouble playing back 48KHz (DAT standard) files, rather than 44.1KHz (CD standard). I'll try to get a 44.1 version up here as soon as I've figured out how to do it in my new MP3 encoder :)

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