Mistway Model Airfield

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Mistway Model Airfield
(Grantsville #2)
Mistway Rd
Grantsville, UT 84029

Located half a mile off abandoned Highway 40, the Mistway Model Airfield offers a rudimentary but wide-open flying experience for sailplanes and powered model aircraft. The airfield is a 4000' (N/S) x 2000' (E/W) dry lake bed in the midst of marshlands at the northern tip of the Stansbury Range, and is part of the Timpe Springs State Wildlife Management area.

The flying facilities are two large electrical spools used as the pit, a rusting channel board, and a faded windsock. The facilities have obviously been used for target practice by shooters from time to time. The closest food, restroom, and potable water supply is ten minutes away in Grantsville. Come prepared.

Be aware that the land south of Ellerbeck Rd is privately-owned until you reach the federal parkland marker a mile west of the field. The trailheads for the good sloping cliffs are just beyond, and require a 4x4 to climb them. If you're sloping, be sure to put a fresh marker on the channel board at Mistway Field along the way so you don't get shot down.

The airfield is a thirty minute drive from RC Evolution in downtown Tooele.

1.Head South on UT-36 (Main Street, Tooele); go 1.2 mi
2.Turn Right (West) on UT-112 (Utah Avenue); go 8.5 mi
3.Turn Left (West) on UT-138 (Main Street, Grantsville); go 9.3 mi
4.Turn left (West) on Ellerbeck Rd (referred to as “Misty Way Rd